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Open Stacks Area

The Open Stacks Area has the same opening hours as the Circulation Desk. Here you can make use of books in free access. This means that the books arranged on the shelves can be searched and borrowed on your own, or you can use them on site. The Open Stacks Area also houses the Fiction Library.

Who can use it?

You don't have to be enrolled in the Library if you just want to use the study places or use books on site. If you want to borrow books, create a library account

How to search?

We have arranged the books by subject, and within each subject alphabetically by author's last name. Each book with an assigned BG-Strefa Wolnego Dostępu location in the AGH University Libraries online catalogue has the symbol of the subject in which it is located.

There are catalogue computers at the entrance to the Open Stacks Area. Here you can check if books you are interested in are loctated here. Additionally, books with location BG-Magazyn can also be requested here.

How to borrow books?

You can use self-checks to borrow books from the Open Stacks Area by yourself. Place the books on the glass, then follow the displayed instructions.

If you have any questions, can't find the books or have problem borrowing them, ask the librarian on duty.