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We invite you to free trainings and consultations on information literacy and scientific communication. This offer is aimed in particular at AGH employees, AGH doctoral students, AGH students as well as other interested library users.

Starting Oct. 3, 2023, we invite you to take part in library trainings. This traings are dedicated not only to first year students, but also to all interested library users. We invite you throughout October from Mon. to Fri. at 9:15 am. and 1:15 pm. in the main hall.

If you wish to have a training for a group (from Mon. to Fri. from 8 am. to 7 pm.) please send an email to

We offer the following training courses and consultations conducted by the staff of the Reference Department:

  • essential e-resources available in the Main Library,
  • comprehensive search of databases, electronic catalogs, e-books and e-journals,
  • Specialized Sources of Information (SŹI) - classes for full-time students of the first and second degree with an entry in the index for a grade under arrangements with the faculties and for students who have chosen SŹI as an elective course (1 ECTS point is awarded for passing the course),
  • e-resources and literature of the subject for groups of students within the framework of engineering and master's seminars,
  • citing various types of documents, and preparing lists of cited references,
  • self-preparation of bibliometric analysis of one's own scientific output.

Contact: the Reference Department,

We offer following trainings conducted by the Open Science Team:

  • Data Management Plan based on National Science Centre,
  • Open Research Data (metadata, sharing),
  • discussion of the document: National Science Centre policy on open access to publications',
  • open access pathways in the National Science Centre policy,
  • RODBUK Cracow Open Research Data Repository - data deposition.

Contact: coordinator: Marta Urbaniec

We offer trainings and consultations conducted by employees of Special Collection Department in the field of searching standard and patent information databases.


We offer internships for:

  • Krakow university students studying information management,
  • AGH University Main Library employees, branch libraries employees, Krakow university libraries employees.


AGH University Main Library and library exhibitions sightseeing.