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Printed resources

The printed collections housed in AGH University Main Library encompass scientific literature in the fields of engineering and technology, exact and natural sciences, as well as social sciences.

These include topics such as electrical engineering, automation, electronics, space technologies, biomedical engineering, computer science, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, robotics, energy, mining, civil engineering, drilling, metallurgy, casting, geology, geophysics, environmental engineering and protection, surveying, materials engineering, ceramics, chemical engineering, management, mathematics, physical sciences, chemical sciences, social communication and media, management sciences, and quality sciences.

Collections available to users:

  • Polish and foreign books,
  • Polish and foreign journals,
  • doctoral dissertations,
  • cartographic documents,
  • standard and patent documents,
  • trade literature.

The library collection is constantly expanded through systematic purchases of new publications and journal subscriptions. Furthermore, the book collection and other collections are constantly evolving to stay up-to-date with ever-growing scientific developments.

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