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Mission & Values

The main task of the AGH University Main Library is to support education and scientific research conducted at the University. Our goal is to provide the academic community with the highest quality resources, tools, and informational support. We are a place where technical innovations, research, and science meet tradition and the wisdom of the past. A place where ideas transform into solutions, and research projects become reality. We work towards educating future leaders and supporting research that changes the world.

The AGH Main Library ensures access to scientific resources for the AGH University community, but at the same time, it is a source of knowledge and inspiration for the entire Małopolska region. Our role is to provide access to information sources that support development and technological progress. We are a partner for the engineering staff that educates and works in our region, providing access to information about the latest scientific and technological achievements. We work towards creating an innovative and competitive technological environment in Małopolska, contributing to the success of our students and scientists.


Our mission is to support the education process and scientific research at the University.

We are a partner in the process of creating and sharing knowledge. We support the development of the academic community by promoting the values of scientific ethics and social responsibility, as well as advocating for the principles of open science. Our mission encompasses not only addressing current needs but also adapting to the changing informational and educational environment.

We fulfill our mission by:

Providing our users with easy access to resources, creating a friendly work environment, and continuously adjusting our services to evolving needs and technological possibilities.

Building collections that align with the profiles of the University, the needs of academic staff, and students, while ensuring proper security and preservation of resources.

Cultivating a positive image of the Library in the academic environment through collaboration with other libraries nationally and internationally.

Investing in the development of our staff at all levels and supporting motivation for work and education.

Conducting scientific research in the field of scientific information and related disciplines.

Our vision is to create a place that focuses on people, resources, and services.

People - we are an institution that prioritizes people. Our goal is to provide users with positive experiences and satisfaction by delivering relevant information at the right time. We aim to support them in developing their interests and professional competencies.

Resources - we integrate resources and digital systems into one easily navigable ecosystem of AGHUniversity scientific information. This makes access to knowledge easier and more efficient. Our goal is to make science more accessible to all interested parties.

Services - our services are designed to create a user-friendly space for learning and relaxation. We want users to feel comfortable and at ease when using our resources and services. Our institution is a place where they can grow, learn, and take pleasure in the pursuit of knowledge.


Our values: respect, enthusiasm, collaboration.

Respect for users and their needs is our priority principle.

Enthusiasm for providing knowledge and information drives our work.

Collaboration is the key to efficiently delivering services and creating a friendly academic environment.