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The AGH Database of Authors and Publications (BaDAP) presents bibliographic descriptions of publications by employees, doctoral students and students of the AGH University of Krakow. The information presented is supplemented with author identifiers, links to external databases and bibliometric data (including citations of publications). BaDAP is a continuation of the Bibliographic List of AGH University Staff Publications, published since 1959 (initially in print).­

The database is created on the basis of the AGH University Rector's Order No. 65/2023. It records publications produced from 1999 inclusive. Descriptions of publications from earlier years are added if they are not included in printed versions of the Bibliography.

Some information is available after logging in.

Supervision of the content of the database:

Previous version of Bibliography

Practical information

You can send the full text to: If this is not possible, bring the original publication to the Reference Department Reading Room.

If the publication is in a language other than English (e.g., Polish, Russian, German, etc.), include a translation of the publication title into English. This is a prerequisite for the publication to be included in the database. Registered materials are returned to the authors.

Detailed information on the current rules for qualifying and scoring publications can be obtained when submitting publications for registration or by phone +48 12 617 32 15.

All types of scientific and popular papers (books, book excerpts, monographs, scripts, textbooks, journal articles, post-conference papers, patent descriptions, design descriptions and industrial designs, patent applications, standards, maps, atlases, reports, etc.) published in print or electronic form (on CDs, Flash drives and the Internet).

In accordance with Order No. 54/2023 of the Rector of the AGH University of Krakow of September 26, 2023, the correct affiliation of the University is:
in the Polish language version: AGH Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza or AGH w Krakowie,
in the English version: AGH University of Krakow or AGH University.
The name of the University should always appear first, before the name of the unit that is part of the AGH University (e.g. faculty, department).

The database registers primarily works affiliated with the name of the University. Since 2013, with the approval of the Rector's authorities, the database also includes descriptions of works in which an affiliation other than AGH University (the name of another university/institution) is given next to the name of the author/authors. In the previous version of the database, the list of such publications is visible in the Other tab. There are also descriptions of works where no affiliation is given. In the author's profile in BaDAP, all registered publications are visible.

As of 2017, publications by authors who declared scientific activity in two disciplines are visible when the work is assigned to one of the disciplines.

The BaDAP registers scientific and popular science publications of all AGH researchers and doctoral students, as well as library, administrative, engineering, scientific and technical staff, specialists, and retired staff and students.

Yes, both patent descriptions, patent applications and utility model descriptions are registered.

Scores for journal titles, publishing series and conference materials should be checked on the lists of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Completion of bibliographic descriptions with specific point values is based on the rules set forth in:

If you have questions about the MNiSW scoring, please contact the Reference Department.