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Researchers’ ID

Identifiers are part of an author's profile in databases. They eliminate the problem of incorrect assignment of publications, allow you to assign variants of the author's surname, first names and initials to one account, post and update the list of publications. This gives the opportunity to view bibliometric indicators and shape a scientific portfolio and present scientific achievements.

ORCID Open Researcher and Contributor ID) uniquely identifies a researcher in an electronic information resource environment. The ID consists of 16 digits divided by divisions. author’s profile includes a brief description of the researcher (biography, keywords, author's or institution's website, identifiers in other systems) and a list of publications, projects and grants. Registration in the ORCID system is free of charge.

ORCID is used, among other things, to register and submit scientific articles to leading publishers (e.g., IEEE, Wiley, Springer), to identify authors submitting grant applications (e.g., for Horizon 2020), and as a tool to promote one's scientific output or to learn about the scientific output of another author.

Registration in the ORCID system:

  • go to the ORCID website and select the "Sign in/Register" tab and then the "Register now" link,
  • fill in the fields marked with * and select your profile visibility settings,
  • click on the activation link sent to your mailbox,
  • complete your data in ORCID and add your publications.

If you have 2 profiles in ORCID, you can deactivate the additional profile:

  • log in to your main profile,
  • select the "Acount settings" tab at the top of the page, and then the "Remove duplicate record" option,
  • enter the login information for the profile you want to deactivate,
  • check the data and confirm the deactivation.

User guide

Researcher Profile in Web of Science allows you to uniquely identify an author, gather information about publications registered in Web of Science and those outside WoS in one place, keep track of your publications, citation rates, peer review output and editorial work.

Researcher Profiles in Web of Science

In April 2023, an automatic profile update service was introduced in Web of Science, which includes:

  • automatic addition of publications from the Web of Science Core Collection and Preprint Citation Index to a researcher's profile,
  • email notifications of updates with links to facilitate publication management.

To receive automatic updates:

  • you must have at least one publication from the Web of Science Core Collection in your profile,
  • you can opt out of automatic updates in your profile settings.

Author record corrections - a quick guide

It is an identifier automatically created in Scopus for each researcher whose at least two publications are registered in the database.

Because occasionally mistakes can happen, we recommend checking the correctness of the information contained in the profile. It is possible to correct the data (spelling of the name, affiliation, incorrectly linked publications), as well as merge profiles that refer to the same author.

Submitting corrections to an author's profile in Scopus  

To merge your Scopus Author ID profile with your ORCID ID:

  • enter the Scopus database,
  • find your profile,
  • select Connect to ORCID link,
  • log in to your ORCID account and follow the directions.