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Access to e-resources is available to any Library user whose library account is valid for the current academic year.

Active access to the databases is possible from computers located at the AGH University of Krakow and connected to the university network. 

If you are an employee, a doctoral student, or a student of AGH University, you have access to e-sources  from outside the AGH University network. Connection is made through the HAN system (log in via your valid library account). HAN is a reverse proxy server that allows managing access to electronic information sources. It requires no additional installation and configuration on the user's computer.

To use any database, with access limited to the university network, select the name of the database from the list found on the Library page under e-resources alphabetically. You can also select a database from the list of e-resources by subject or e-resources by type.

Each database has an individual link. When clicked, a login window appears, in which you need to provide:

  • login, which is the number of your library card or ELS, ELD, ELSNA ID card,
  • password for your library account.

If you don't remember your access credentials, read the library account login information. 

Log-in is not required in the university network in faculties that have registered their IP ranges with the Main Library.

Some resources have certain restrictions and can only be accessed in the Library on designated computers.

If you would like to receive information about training sessions, webinars, news, and trials of e-resources, subscribe to BGinfo - the newsletter of the AGH University Main Library.

When using e-resources, respect the terms of the license and copyright.

According to the license agreements for the use of e-resources, the following actions are prohibited:

  • granting third parties access to e-resources, by providing your login and password,
  • automatic download of texts,
  • copying entire volumes of  journals and entire books; the number of articles downloaded during a single session should correspond to your current education or research needs,
  • creation of local archives,
  • use of copied materials for commercial purposes.

Failure to comply with these arrangements may result in blocking access both for Users who violate these arrangements and for the University as a whole.

If you cannot log in to the e-resources

  • check the AGH University Libraries online catalogue to see if you have a valid library account for the current academic year. If not, send an email to You can only update your account if you have an entry for the current academic year and no overdue items (overdue books or fees),
  • make sure that you are entering the correct login and password; if you cannot remember or are unsure, generate a temporary password, which you can then change to your own by clicking on the "Contact" tab in your library account,
  • use your browser in incognito (private) mode,
  • make sure you use the link to the selected database from the Library's website (e-resources in alphabetical order), not the one you have saved in your browser,
  • clear your browser cache and cookies, 
  • check whether the database you are interested in is not covered by a license agreement allowing use only on the Library site; you can verify the information on the page containing the description of e-sources in alphabetical order.

For information on the use of e-resources please contact:

The Reference Department +48 12 617 32 15

Technical problems related to the HAN service should be reported to the IT Support Section:

Jacek Rzepczyński +48 12 617 32 22