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The Library is supervised by the Vice-Rector for Science. The Library is headed by the Director, who is appointed by the AGH University Rector for a period of 4 years, which begins on January 1 of the year following the year in which the term of the Senate began.

Library Director

The Director of the Library is, on behalf of the AGH University Rector, the superior of all employees of the AGH University Main Library.

His competencies include, in particular:

  • determining the strategy and development directions of the Main Library, as well as organizing and supervising current activities,
  • developing the substantive and financial plan of the Main Library and overseeing its implementation,
  • shaping the detailed organizational structure of the Main Library,
  • defining personnel policy, including supervising the development of personnel, their education, and professional development,
  • representing the Main Library in contacts with AGH University authorities, central administration, as well as authorities of other organizational units of AGH University and external partners,
  • submitting an annual report to the AGH University Rector on the activities of the Library,
  • taking responsibility for proper financial management and appropriate management of entrusted assets.
  • ensuring responsibility for the state of safety and occupational hygiene, as well as fire protection in the Main Library,
  • engaging in national and international cooperation,
  • interpreting the Regulations for the use of the collections and services of the AGH University Main Library and resolving matters not covered by the provisions of the Regulations.

During the absence of the Library Director, one of his deputies performs his duties. The Deputies of the Director, in a number not exceeding two, are appointed and dismissed by the AGH Rector upon the proposal of the Director. The Deputies of the Director of Main Library report directly to the Director and manage the matters and activities of the internal organizational units supervised by them, in accordance with the scope of duties.


Departments and section within the AGH University Main Library are led by managers appointed for a 4-year term. Appointments and dismissals are made by the AGH University Rector upon the proposal of the Director of the Main Library. Managers within the AGH Main Library directly report to the Director of the Library or the respective deputy, and they are accountable to them for the proper management of the assigned units.

The competencies of the managers of internal units within the Library include, in particular:

  • organizing and supervising the day-to-day operations of the unit,
  • developing work plans for the unit and preparing reports on completed tasks,
  • initiating new directions of action,
  • defining the scope of duties, powers, and responsibilities of unit employees,
  • monitoring work discipline and supervising the full utilization of working hours by subordinate staff,
  • ensuring proper equipment for the unit and taking care of entrusted property,
  • collaborating with branch libraries from other AGH units and external institutions in the field of science and culture within the scope of the unit's competencies.