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AGH Repository

AGH Repository it is a database of deposited publications and materials produced as part of the scientific and scholarly activities of the University, as well as related resources of information about authors, organisational units, projects and events at the AGH University of Krakow

The goals of the Repository are:

  • collection, popularisation and long-term storage of the scientific and research output of employees, postgraduates and students of the University,
  • popularising the scientific output of employees and promoting research conducted at AGH by making works available via the Internet, in accordance with the copyright law,
  • increasing the availability and visibility of AGH researchers' publications, including increasing the number of their citations,
  • supporting the University in implementing the recommendations of the European Commission, Ministry of Education and The Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (CRASP) on the policy of open access to scientific and educational publications.

Due to the current process of completing and updating the database, the content of some collections may be temporarily invisible or incomplete.

Further functionalities will appear gradually. Please be patient.

The AGH Repository is open to AGH employees, doctoral students and students who wish to deposit their publications, e.g. scientific articles (preprints or postprints), books, book chapters, teaching materials, etc., on the site.

Only persons who are logged in and who have previously accepted the AGH Repository Regulations may deposit publications. Before depositing for the first time, an account should be created using the university mail address in the domain. Once the repository administrator has verified and granted permissions, you can start depositing publications. Account verification should take approximately 1 working day.

Publications from publishers other than the University can be deposited in the repository (if the author has the property rights to the texts or the publisher's permission to place them in the Repository) and works that have multiple authors. However, please note that if a work has more than one author, copyright is shared between all authors and all authors must give their permission for the document to be made available in the Repository. A co-authored work can be deposited in the Repository by one of the co-authors under an agreed licence, with the knowledge and consent of the other co-authors.