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Dear Guests

Thank you for your interest in AGH University of Krakow Main Library.

AGH University of Krakow Main Library organizes training courses for librarians from foreign academic libraries under the Erasmus+ program. As one of the largest academic libraries in the country, we promote cooperation and exchange of experience and good practices. We work for better integration of the library community of Europe.

To learn more about visiting the AGH University of Krakow Main Library, please follow information below:

  1. Please send us your answers to these questions:
    1. Can you tell us something about your professional career in general?
    2. Which library and department you work in?
    3. What is your exact position? 
    4. What are your main responsibilities?
    5. What are you particularly interested in when visiting our Library?
  2. Please specify the time frame in which you want to visit us (exact date).
  3. When your application and time of visit is accepted please fill out Staff Mobility document using the details provided below. Then print it out, have it signed by you and your University (University stamp required). Then please scan it and send it back to us. Then we will stamp it and put our signatures. Please send this file as a PDF document.
  4. Arrange arrival and accommodation formalities.
  5. Prepare a presentation about your home city, university and library.
  6. Please contact us without hesitation if you want to ask us about issues not mentioned in this document.

For filling out Staff Mobility:
Name: AGH University of Science and Technology
Erasmus code: Poland/616
Faculty/Department: Main Library
Address: Mickiewicza Ave. 30, 30-059 Kraków
Contact person, name and position: Dr. Stanisław Skórka, Director of the Main Library
Contact person e-mail/phone:, 0048 12 617 32 08
Size of enterprise: <250 employees