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Users with special needs

AGH University Main Library provides access to library collections for people with special needs.

In 2007, we were awarded the status: Disabled-friendly place. In the 7th edition of the architectural competition "Barrier-free Krakow", organised by the Krakow City Council, we were awarded a distinction in the "public buildings" category for the best adapted building for the users with special needs.

We work closely with the AGH Accessibility Department.

  • There is a ramp in front of the Library's main entrance.
  • The Library has a lift adapted for independent movement of people with mobility impairments as well as equipped with voice announcements and labels in Braille.
  • There are wheelchair-accessible service points at the Circulation Desk and Catalogue Information.
  • There is a suitably equipped toilet on each floor.
  • In the main hall of the Library (ground floor), there is a computer station adapted for people with reduced mobility (desk with adjustable top).
  • In the Main Reading Room (first floor), there is a workstation with a scanner, with a program allowing the conversion of scanned text and a reading program.
  • Visually impaired visitors can use an electronic enlarger.
  • Desks with adjustable tops are available in the Self Study Reading Room on the ground floor and in the Main Reading Room on the first floor.
  • Individual Work Cubicles are available in the AGH University Main Library. Cubicle no. 4 is adapted for people with reduced mobility. Use of the cubicles is possible during the opening hours of the Main Reading Room. You must have a valid library account and no unpaid fees on account. For details, please see terms of use.
  • You can borrow library materials that are usually only available on-site only (according to the Regulations on use of the AGH University Main Library).

In the event of an evacuation, follow the instructions of Library staff who have been trained in evacuation procedures. In the event of a fire alarm in the building, the lifts are out of service. Library staff are responsible for navigating people with mobility impairments to reach the evacuation area.

Rules for reduced mobility users to move around the AGH University Main Library building:

  1. To get to the upper floors of the AGH University Main Library building, use the lift. A librarian will guide you to the lift and then take you to a floor you want to reach. The lift can be accessed by a passageway marked: PRZEJŚCIE SŁUŻBOWE I DLA OSÓB NIEPEŁNOSPRAWNYCH. Once you have taken the lift to the upper floors, in order to reach your chosen agendas, navigate the internal corridors, which have a signage system.
  2. If you want to leave the agenda, a librarian will guide you to the lift and the main hall on the ground floor.
  3. One of the Individual Work Cubicles has been designated for people with reduced mobility. To use the cubicle, please make a reservation by calling us on+48 12 617 40 03 or send an e-mail to and inform us when you want to start using the cubicle.
  4. The way of reaching the cubicle is described in point 1. There is an emergency button in the cubicle which you can use to signal the librarian on duty your wish to leave. Leaving the cubicle and returning to the ground floor will take place as described in point 2.

Help for deaf and hard of hearing persons is available only in Polish Sign Language.

In the Main Reading Room (first floor) there is a computer station adapted for visually impaired people. Equipment of the workstation:

  • scanner,
  • screen reader NVDA,
  • screen reader JAWS,
  • screen reader and enlarger MAGic Plus,
  • OCR Abbyy Fine Reader,
  • mobile enlarger ClearNote+.

A Videomatic desktop enlarger is also available.