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PATLIB Patent Information Centre

PATLIB Patent Information Center at AGH University Main Library

Visit the PATLIB center's website to learn about the resources and services available at the AGH Main Library in the field of patent information.

The AGH University Main Library has been collecting patent descriptions since its inception. In the 1950s, an agreement was reached with the Polish Patent Office for the free transfer of Polish patent descriptions to the Main Library. Patent descriptions from other patent offices, mainly from the former Eastern Bloc, such as the GDR, were also collected. In 1992, a new agreement was signed with the Polish Patent Office, establishing formally the Patent Information Center operating within the structure of the AGH University Main Library. Through the strengthened collaboration with the Patent Office, the Library's capabilities in providing patent information services were significantly expanded. In addition to the free transfer of Polish patent descriptions, official bulletins, and other publications from the Patent Office, the Patent Information Center gained access to the first full-text databases of the ESPACE series with international documentation, which were then distributed on CD/DVD media. The Library was obliged to provide patent information not only to AGH students and staff but also to all individuals interested in industrial property protection outside the university community.

With Poland joining the "European Patents Convention (EPC)" in 2003,  the status of existing patent information centers in the country underwent a change. They became part of the PATLIB network, supported by the European Patent Office (EPO), which includes national patent offices of member countries and patent information centers operating in those countries. There are approximately 300 such points throughout Europe, providing local access to patent information. The PATLIB center at the AGH Main Library is one of the 25 centers operating in Poland. The primary task of PATLIB centers is to provide access to patent information for all interested parties and raise awareness related to the benefits of legal protection of industrial and intellectual property.

In connection with these changes, a new cooperation agreement was concluded between the Polish Patent Office and AGH in 2005. In addition to the existing principles, the centers gained the opportunity to benefit from support programs from the EPO, such as access to patent databases, training for employees, and the possibility of participating in the annual PATLIB center conference.

At the PATLIB summit in 2019, representatives of patent information centers from across Europe adopted a set of recommendations aimed at increasing EPO support for the PATLIB network (known as the Porto Paper). In 2021, the PATLIB 2.0 program was announced, designed to encourage the expansion of services provided by patent information centers in all countries belonging to the European Patent Organization. The PATLIB center at the AGH Main Library actively participates in the PATLIB 2.0 initiative. The available licensed sources of patent information at AGH, such as Derwent Innovation and Orbit Intelligence, as well as the provided services, have qualified the PATLIB Center at the AGH Main Library at the Advanced level.


What do we do?

  • provide preliminary information about procedures before the Polish Patent Office (PPO),
  • conduct informational queries related to patents, trademarks, and other objects of industrial property protection,
  • engage in educational activities for AGH students regarding searching for patent literature in available databases,
  • organize training sessions for scientists, patent attorneys, and entrepreneurs in the field of broad patent information,
  • monitor the publication of patent documents by AGH staff and enter them into the AGH Authors and Publications Database (BaDAP),
  • promote AGH inventions: organize lectures, workshops, a film competition, an inventor's gala, run a series of posts on social media,
  • publish articles related to patent information.

Contact: Special Collections Departmenet+48 12 617 32 17

Coordinator: Agnieszka Podrazik +48 12 617 32 07