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Open Science Team

Research workers can count on the support of the BG Open Science Team for the consultation of Data Management Plans. We offer consultation and training for researchers including the topics of research data collection, management and sharing. Of course, we are not able to prepare such a plan for the researcher, because they know the subject of the research and the specifics of their scientific discipline best, but we will do our best to make sure that the plans contain all the elements required by the National Science Centre.

One of the requirements of the Data Management Plan is to identify a repository where the data produced will be deposited and made accessible. The priority for scientists when choosing an appropriate repository should be to incorporate the obtained research results into the global circulation of information. The repository should follow the FAIR principles that data must be findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. We have opened the RODBUK Cracow Open Research Data Repository). Our Repository complies with FAIR principles. It is registered with the re3data service and OpenDOAR, which indexes repositories from all over the world. We offer support on how to deposit data in RODBUK.

We also offer consultations on publishing in Open Access. Furthermore, we provide support in verifying that a journal that has been selected for submission meets the requirements of Plan S and that it complies with the National Science Centre's policy on publishing in Open Access.