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Książki znajdują się w holu na parterze . Można je przeglądnąć w Oddziale Informacji Naukowej Ip., pok. 121 i tam zarekomendować do zakupu przez Bibiliotekę Główną (podając imię i nazwisko, wydział i numer karty bibliotecznej). Warunkiem jest posiadanie aktualnego konta bibliotecznego na bieżący rok akademicki. Rekomendacji mogą dokonać wyłącznie pracownicy naukowi AGH.


Gablota 1

5G for the Connected World

5G Physical Layer Technologies

Antipodal Vivaldi Antennas for Microwave Imaging of Construction Materials and Structures

Chemical Kinetics: Beyond The Textbook

Clean Ironmaking and Steelmaking Processes

Deep Eutectic Solvents

Design and Construction of Laboratory Gas Pipelines

Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing and Dynamic Rating of Power Cables

Electrochromic Smart Materials

Electromagnetic Geophysical Fields

Flexible and Stretchable Triboelectric Nanogenerator Devices

Frontiers in Studies of Earthquakes and Faults

Graphene Nanostructures

Handbook of Aerospace Electromagnetic Compatibility

Handbook of Energy Storage

Handbook of Graphene: Biomaterials

Handbook of Graphene: Energy, Healthcare, and Environmental Applications

Handbook of Graphene: Technology and Innovations

Homogeneous Hydrogenation with Non-Precious Catalysts

Information and Communication Theory

Ionic Polymer Metal Composites for Sensors and Actuators

Kuroshio Current: Physical, Biogeochemical, and Ecosystem Dynamics

Load Testing of Bridges 2 vols.

Machine Learning for Computer and Cyber Security

Marine-Derived Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering Applications

Model-based Geostatistics for Global Public Health

Model-Based Processing

Multifunctional Ultrawideband Antennas

Nanostructures and Nanomaterials for Batteries

Nonstationary Resonant Dynamics of Oscillatory Chains and Nanostructures

Optics of Nanomaterials (Second Edition)

Petroleum Science and Technology

Quantum Inspired Meta-heuristics for Image Analysis

Reinforced Polymer Composites

Soft Actuators

Surface Engineering by Friction-Assisted Processes

Sustainable Construction Materials

Teaching Methodologies in Structural Geology and Tectonics

The Fracture of Brittle Materials

Thermomechanical Fatigue of Ceramic-Matrix Composites

Vibrational Spectra of Organometallics

Wireless Information and Power Transfer