Wystawa nowości zagranicznych 4-15 czerwca 2018

Wykaz nowych książek zagranicznych prezentowanych od 4 do 15 czerwca 2018

w Oddziale Informacji Naukowej Biblioteki Głównej AGH (I piętro, p. 121).





Barnet, Ivan (ed.)

11th International Workshop on the Geological Aspects of Radon Risk Mapping

III 253624

Sitek, Paweł

A hybrid approach to modeling and solving distribution problems

II 263874

Lona, Liliane Maria Ferrareso

A step by step approach to the modeling of chemical engineering processes : using Excel for simulation

II 263824

Ren, Zhifeng (ed.)

Advanced thermoelectrics : materials, contacts, devices, and systems

III 253610

Konur, Ozcan (ed.)

Bioenergy and biofuels

II 263827

Riazi, M. R. (ed.)

Biofuels production and processing technology

III 253631

Acharjya, D. P.

Bio-inspired computing for image and video processing

II 263819

Zivic, Fatima (ed.)

Biomaterials in clinical practice : advances in clinical research and medical devices

II 263821

Kee, R. J.

Chemically reacting flow : theory, modeling, and simulation

III 253635

Thomas, Sabu (ed.)

Crystallization in multiphase polymer systems

II 263855

Murtagh, Fionn

Data science foundations : geometry and topology of complex hierarchic systems and big data analytics

III 253629

Soifer, V. A.

Diffractive optics and nanophotonics

II 263820

Miyano, Yasushi

Durability of fiber-reinforced polymers

II 263805

Farzaneh, Masoud

Electrical design of overhead power transmission lines

II 263851

Ishimaru, Akira

Electromagnetic wave propagation, radiation, and scattering : from fundamentals to applications

II 263812

Arinštejn, Arkadij Èduardovič

Electrospun polymer nanofibers

II 263853

Wiatr, Kazimierz (ed.)

Eleventh ACC Cyfronet AGH HPC Users' Conference, Zakopane, 7-9 March 2018 : proceedings

II 263839

Rufer, Alfred

Energy storage : systems and components

II 263830

Burheim, Odne Stokke

Engineering energy storage

II 263886

Krásný, Jiří

English summary of the monograph published in Czech (2012) : Podzemní vody České republiky : regionální hydrogeologie prostých a minerálních

II 263822

Erban, Vojtěch

Eurogranites 2015 : Variscan plutons of the Bohemian Massif : post-conference field trip following the 26th IUGG General Assembly in Prague

III 253621

Patience, Gregory S.

Experimental methods and instrumentation for chemical engineers

II 263854

Seifert, Antonín

Field manual for geochemical exploration

II 263890

Valcárcel Cases, Miquel

Foundations of analytical chemistry : a teaching-learning approach

II 263826

Chen, Ruey-Hung

Foundations of gas dynamics

III 253633

Paul, Aloke (ed.)

Handbook of solid state diffusion. Vol. 1, Diffusion fundamentals and techniques

II 263825

Paul, Aloke (ed.)

Handbook of solid state diffusion. Vol. 2, Diffusion analysis in material applications

II 263825

Grassi, Walter

Heat pumps : fundamentals and applications

II 263823

Shenoy, Aroon V.

Heat transfer to non-Newtonian fluids : fundamentals and analytical expressions

II 263806

Wang, Chao (ed.)

High performance computing for big data : methodologies and applications

III 253634

Shi, Yixiang

High-temperature electrochemical energy conversion and storage : fundamentals and applications

II 263859

Wang, Zhen-Guo

Internal combustion processes of liquid rocket engines : modeling and numerical simulations

II 263803

Xiong, Hu

Introduction to certificateless cryptography

II 263858

Stamp, Mark

Introduction to machine learning with applications in information security

II 263828

Masterson, Robert

Introduction to nuclear reactor physics

III 253630

Kaminski, Deborah A.

Introduction to thermal and fluids engineering

III 253623

Radvanec, Martin

Magnesite and talc in Slovakia : genetic and geoenvironmental models = Magnezit a talk na Slovensku : genetický a geoenvironmentálny model

III 253619

Gačkevič, Aleksandr (ed.)

Manufacturing processes : actual problems - 2017. T. 2, Modelirovanie i optimizaciâ proizvodstvennyh processov = Vol. 2, Modelling and optimization of manufacturing processes = T. 2, Modelowanie i optymalizacja procesów wytwórczych

II 263875

Hachkevych, Oleksandr (ed.)

Manufacturing processes : actual problems - 2017. Vol. 1, Basic science applications in manufacturing processes = T. 1, Aplikacje nauk podstawowych w procesach wytwórczych

II 263875

Hachkevych, Oleksandr (ed.)

Manufacturing processes : actual problems - 2017. Vol. 3, Safety engineering in manufacturing processes = T. 3, Inżynieria bezpieczeństwa w procesach wytwórczych

II 263875

Pryds, Nini (ed.)

Metal oxide-based thin film structures : formation, characterization, and application of interface-based phenomena

II 263885

Ghione, Giovanni

Microwave electronics

III 253638

De, Santanu (ed.)

Modeling and simulation of turbulent combustion

II 263817

Wang, XiuMei (ed.)

Nanobiomaterials : classification, fabrication and biomedical applications

II 263804

Szunerits, Sabine

Nanocarbons for electroanalysis

III 253640

Noulis, Thomas

Noise coupling in system-on-chip

II 263829

Puri, Ravinder Rupchand

Non-relativistic quantum mechanics

II 263807

Oono, Yoshitsugu

Perspectives on statistical thermodynamics

III 253639

Das, J. C.

Power systems handbook. Vol. 1, Short-circuits in AC and DC systems: ANSI, IEEE, and IEC standards

III 253632

Das, J. C.

Power systems handbook. Vol. 2, Load flow optimization and optimal power flow

III 253632

Das, J. C.

Power systems handbook. Vol. 3, Harmonic generation effects propagation and control

III 253632

Das, J. C.

Power systems handbook. Vol. 4, Power systems protective relaying

III 253632

Apte, Shaila Dinkar

Random signal processing

III 253637

Kwade, Arno (ed.)

Recycling of lithium-ion batteries : the LitoRec  way

II 263831

Tiwari, Rajiv

Rotor systems : analysis and identification

III 253636

Carrera, Erasmo

Thermal stress analysis of composite beams, plates and shells : computational modelling and applications

II 263883

Omrani, Emad

Tribology and applications of self-lubricating

II 263818

Poularikas, Alexander D.

Understanding digital signal processing with MATLAB® and solutions

III 253628

Martinec, Petr

Vliv ukončení hlubinné tĕžby uhlí na životní prostředí

III 253617