Wystawa nowości zagranicznych 1-16.02.2018

Wykaz nowych książek zagranicznych prezentowanych od 1 do 16 lutego 2018

w Oddziale Informacji Naukowej Biblioteki Głównej AGH (I piętro, p. 121).






20-th Polish Conference on Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, Kraków, September 20-22, 2017 : abstract book

II 263335

Jarzyna, Jadwiga (red.)

4th International conference scientific-research cooperation between Vietnam and Poland : POL-VIET 2017, AGH University of Science and Technology, 20-22 November 2017, Krakow, Poland : book of abstracts

II 263405


Academic Computer Centre Cyfronet AGH : 2018

III 253568

Carpinteri, A.

Advanced structural mechanics

III 253572

Wimpenny, David Ian (red.)

Advances in 3D printing & additive manufacturing technologies

II 263364

Peng, Syd S. (red.)

Advances in coal mine ground control

II 263333

Bubak, Marian (red.)

CGW Workshop '17, Kraków, Poland, October 23-25, 2017 : proceedings

II 263238

Espósito, Rogério Oliveira

Compositional grading in oil and gas reservoirs

II 263207

Witten, Ian H.

Data mining : practical machine learning tools and techniques

II 263227

Unsworth, John F.

Design and construction of modern steel railway bridges

III 253574

Markov, Marko (red.)

Dosimetry in bioelectromagnetics

II 263228

Orazem, Mark E.

Electrochemical impedance spestroscopy

III 253573

Perez, Nestor

Electrochemistry and corrosion science

II 263363

Pavlenko, Anatoliy M. (red.)

Energy and environment

II 263312

Szmyd, J. S. (red.)

Eurotherm-2016 : 7th European Thermal-Sciences Conference, Krakow, Poland, 19-23 June 2016 : high magnetic fields

II 263343

Nowak, Bartosz (red.)

EYEC monograph : 6th European Young Engineers Conference, April 24-26th 2017, Warsaw

II 263387

Halicka, Anna

Failures of concrete and masonry structures : identification of damage and causes

II 263406

Bain, Ashim Kumar

Ferroelectrics : principles and applications

II 263462

Lewis, Brent J.

Fundamentals of nuclear engineering

III 253576

Bundschuh, Johen (red.)

Geothermal water management

III 253566

Fraden, Jacob

Handbook of modern sensors : physics, designs, and applications

II 263367

Samui, Pijush (ed.)

Handbook of neural computation

II 263219

Porathur, John Loui

Highwall mining : applicability, design & safety

III 253567

Blake, William K.

Mechanics of flow-induced sound and vibration. Vol. 1, General concepts and elementary sources

II 263202

Grovenor, C.

Microelectronic materials

II 263368

Dziech, Andrzej (red.)

Multimedia communications, services and security : 9th International Conference, MCSS 2017, Kraków, Poland, November 16-17, 2017 : proceedings

II 263221

Yuan, Peng (red.)

Nanosized tubular clay minerals : halloysite and imogolite

II 263372

Trojan, Marcin

Nonlinear mathematical model of a steam boiler with natural circulation

II 263408

Wach-Kąkolewicz, Anna (red.)

Perspectives on computer gaming in higher education

II 263349

Chouhan, Neelu

Photochemical water splitting : materials and applications

II 263332

Simpson, David A.

Practical onshore gas field engineering

II 263206

Makai, Mihály

Reactor core monitoring : background, theory and practical applications

II 263441

Gonet, Andrzej

Selected issues of wellbore hydraulics and cementing

II 263438

Nafisi, Shahrooz

Semi-solid processing of aluminum alloys

II 263365

De Silva, Clarence W.

Sensor systems : fundamentals and applications

III 253571

Zendehboudi, Sohrab

Shale oil and gas handbook : theory, technologies, and challenges

II 263201

Pietraszkiewicz, Wojciech (red.)

Shell structures : theory and applications : proceedings of the 11th International Conference "Shell Structures: Theory and Applications" (SSTA 2017), October 11-13, 2017, Gdańsk, Poland. Vol. 4

III 231983

Xu, You-Lin

Smart civil structures

III 253575


SPA 2015 : Signal Processing : algorithms, architectures, arrangements, and applications : conference proceedings, Poznan, 23-25th September 2015

III 253583

El-Metwally, Salah El-Din E.

Structural concrete : strut-and-tie models for unified design

II 263436

Yvon, Pascal (red.)

Structural materials for generation IV nuclear reactors

II 263370

Bettotti, Paolo (red.)

Submicron porous materials

II 263366

Sellier, Alain (red.)

Swelling concrete in dams and hydraulic structures : DSC 2017

II 263451

Greiner-Wronowa, Elżbieta

The archaeometry of historical glass

II 263428

Fischer-Cripps, Anthony C.

The electronics companion : devices and circuits for physicsists and engineers

II 263369

Molis, Janusz

The European Banking Authority's position towards the legislative procedure of binding technical standards

II 263361


Thermal hydraulics in water-cooled nuclear reactors / Edited by Francesco D'Auria.

II 263371


XIVth International Conference on Molecular Spectroscopy : from Molecules to Functional Meterials, Białka Tatrzańska  3-7 September 2017 : [programme, abstracts, list of authors]

II 263342