Wystawa nowości zagranicznych 3-16.01.2018

Wykaz nowych książek zagranicznych prezentowanych od 3 do 16 stycznia 2018

w Oddziale Informacji Naukowej Biblioteki Głównej AGH (I piętro, p. 121).




An, Taicheng (ed.)

Advances in photocatalytic disinfection

II 262964

Praetorius, Steffen

Bentonite handbook : lubrication for pipe jacking

II 262963

Sharmin, Eram (ed.)

Biopolymers and nanocomposites for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications

II 263143

Rackley, Stephen A.

Carbon capture and storage

II 263152

Robl, Tom (ed.)

Coal combustion products (CCP's) : characteristics, utilization and beneficiation

II 263027

Eweje, Gabriel (ed.)

CSR, sustainability and leadership

II 263061

Saji, Viswanathan S. (ed.)

Electrocatalysts for low temperature fuel cells : fundamentals and recent trends

III 253565

Koo, Joseph H.

Fundamentals, properties, and applications of polymer nanocomposites

III 253545

Davidovits, Joseph

Geopolymer : chemistry and applications

II 263022

Abbas, Syed Afsar

Group theory in particle, nuclear and hadron physics

II 263058

Totten, George E. (ed.)

Handbook of hydraulic fluid technology

III 253560

Datta, Ashim K.

Heat and mass transfer : a biological context

II 263026

Kuppan, T.

Heat exchanger design handbook

III 253559

Jauhari, Vinnie (ed.)

Hospitality marketing and consumer behavior : creating memorable experiences

II 263038

Srivastava, Suneel Kumar (ed.)

Hybrid nanomaterials : advances in energy, environment and polymer nanocomposites

II 263028

Ferrari, Mario L.

Hybrid systems based on solid oxide fuel cells : modelling and design

II 263155

Luo, Zhongyang (ed.)

Low-rank coals for power generation, fuel and chemical production

II 263029

Cahill, Jonathan

Making a difference in marketing : the foundation of competitive advantage

II 263154

Blake, William K.

Mechanics of flow-induced sound and vibration. Vol. 2, Complex flow-structure interactions

II 263144

Hellsten, Hans

Meter-wave synthetic aperture radar for concealed object detection

II 263030

Zhou, Yichun

Micro- and macromechanical properties of materials

II 262941

Chu, Liang-Yin

Microfluidics for advanced functional polymeric materials

II 262932

Muralisrinivasan, Natamai Subramanian

Polymer blends and composites : chemistry and technology

II 263037

Bhanvase, Bharat A. (ed.)

Process modeling, simulation, and environmental applications in chemical engineering

II 263059

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Recent developments and achievements in biocybernetics and biomedical engineering : proceedings of the 20th Polish Conference on Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, Kraków, Poland, September 20-22, 2017

II 263116

Robinson, Sharon (ed.)

Reinforced concrete : design, performance and applications

II 263137

Blaabjerg, Frede

Renewable energy devices and systems with simulations in MATLAB® and ANSYS®

III 253548

Mahmoudi, Hacene (ed.)

Renewable energy technologies for water desalination

III 253564

Sierra, Kathy

SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 : study guide : exam (310-065)

II 263021

Chen, Tupei (ed.)

Semiconductor nanocrystals and metal nanoparticles : physical properties and device applications

III 253542

Tang, Chuanbing (ed.)

Sustainable polymers from biomass

II 262928

Heller, Peter (ed.)

The performance of concentrated solar power (CSP) systems : analysis, measurment and assessment

II 263151

Lošák, Tomáš (ed.)

Toxic substances in the environment : VIII International Scientific Conference, Krakow, Poland, 14-15 September 2017 : [TOXE 2017] : book of abstracts

II 263034

Cazaux, Jacques

Understanding solid state physics : problems and solutions

II 263055

Jain, Pramod

Wind energy engineering

II 263056

Letcher, Trevor M. (ed.)

Wind energy engineering : a handbook for onshore and offshore wind turbines

II 263057