Wystawa nowości zagranicznych 2-14.10.2017

Wykaz nowych książek zagranicznych prezentowanych od 2 do 14 października 2017

w Oddziale Informacji Naukowej Biblioteki Głównej AGH (I piętro, p. 121).





Fischetti, Massimo V.

Advanced physics of electron transport in semiconductors and nanostructures / Massimo V. Fischetti, William G. Vandenberghe.

III 253489

Gruško, O. E.

Aluminum-lithium alloys : process metallurgy, physical metallurgy, and welding

II 262545

Hilterhaus, Lutz (red.)

Applied biocatalysis : from fundamental science to industrial applications

II 262440

Lefebvre, Arthur Henry (1923-2003).

Atomization and sprays / Arthur H. Lefebvre and Vincent G. McDonell.

III 253482

Chirila, Traian V. (red.)

Biomaterials and regenerative medicine in ophthalmology

II 262550

Parkin, Robert E.

Building-integrated solar energy systems

II 262464

Gilbert, Raymond Ian

Design of prestressed concrete to Eurocode 2

II 262479


Drillig oil-gas AGH 2017 : 28th Conference Drilling-Oil-Gas : reating innovation solutions by drawing on tradition, Krakow 7-9 June 2017 : abstract book.

II 262447

Górecki, Wojciech (1942- ).

Efficient use of renewable energy sources : monograph / authors: Wojciech Górecki, Elżbieta Hałaj, Jarosław Kotyza, Anna Sowiżdżał, Wojciech Luboń, Grzegorz Pełka, Dominika Woś, Magda Kaczmarczyk, Marek Hajto, Michał Kaczmarczyk, Paweł Lachman.

III 253474

Isaksson, Mats (1961- ).

Environmental radioactivity and emergency preparedness / Mats Isaksson, Christopher L. Rääf.

III 253492

Kasahara, Naoto (red.)

Fast reactor system design

II 262468

Niazi, Sarfaraz (1949- ).

Fundamentals of modern bioprocessing / Sarfaraz K. Niazi, Justin L. Brown.

III 253491

Gałczyński, Marcin

Global LNG market

II 262612


Handbook of applications of chaos theory / edited by Christos H. Skiadas, Charilaos Skiadas.

III 253490

Sumner, Malcolm E. (red.)

Handbook of soil science

II 262442


Hydrogen storage technology : materials and applications / ed. by Lennie Klebanoff.

III 253495

Górecki, Wojciech (1942- ).

Increasing energy savings and use of unconventional sources as a key to effective energy use : monograph / authors: Wojciech Górecki [i 23 pozostałych].

III 253475

Bibora, Petr

Innovative, cost effective and eco-friendly fibre-based materials for the construction industry

II 262523

Rigatos, Gerasimos G.

Intelligent renewable energy systems : modelling and control

II 262467

Farrauto, Robert J.

Introduction to catalysis and industrial catalytic processes

II 262455

Fanchi, John R.

Introduction to petroleum engineering

II 262461

Readey, Dennis W.

Kinetics in materials science and engineering / Dennis W. Readey.

III 253483

Skulimowski, Andrzej M. J.

Looking into the future of creativity and decision support systems : proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support Systems : Kraków, Poland, November 7-9, 2013

II 262465

Šalak, Andrej

Manganese in powder metallurgy steels

II 262540

Gajek, Maksymilian (red.)

Manufacturing processes : actual problems - 2016. Vol. 1, Basic science applications in manufacturing processes = T. 1, Aplikacje nauk podstawowych w procesach wytwórczych

II 262578

Gajek, Maksymilian (red.)

Manufacturing processes : actual problems - 2016. Vol. 2, Modelling and optimization of manufacturing processes = T. 2, Modelirovanie i optimizaciâ proizvodstvennyh procesov

II 262578

Gajek, Maksymilian (red.)

Manufacturing processes : actual problems - 2016. Vol. 3, Safety engineering in manufacturing processes = T. 3, Inżynieria bezpieczeństwa w procesach wytwórczych

II 262578

Gołaś, Andrzej

Mechanical engineering in smart grid technology

II 262482

Hilal, Nidal (red.)

Membrane characterization

II 262541

Meyrueis, Patrick (red.)

Micro- and nanophotonic technologies

II 262441

Simões, Marcelo Godoy

Modeling power electronics and interfacing energy conversion systems

II 262460

Frącz, Paweł

Monitoring and analysis of electricity consumption in sewage treatment plant

II 262605


Multiphase reactor engineering for clean and low-carbon energy applications / edited by Yi Cheng, Fei Wei, and Yong Jin.

III 253481

Staron, Peter (red.)

Neutrons and synchrotron radiation in engineering materials science : from fundamentals to applications

II 262439

Salazar, Kimberly

Next generation air transportation system : global interoperability efforts

II 262628

Elkins-Tanton, Linda T. (red.)

Planetesimals : early differentiation and consequences for planets

III 253494


Proceedings of the Ninth International Workshop on Agglutinated Foraminifera (Zaragoza, Spain, September 3-7, 2012) / edited by Michael A. Kaminski and Laia Alegret.

III 253476

Kurauchi, Fumitaka (red.)

Public transport planning with smart card data

II 262548

Pagano, Giovanni (red.)

Rare earth elements in human and environmental health : at the crossroads between toxicity and safety

II 262542

Karthikeyan, Obulisamy Parthiba (red.)

Recycling of solid waste for biofuels and bio-chemicals

II 262476

Sarkar, Ritwik

Refractory technology : fundamentals and applications

II 262477

Rykov, Vladimir Vasilʹevič

Reliability of engineering systems and technological risks

II 262469

Perelʹmuter, Viktor Moiseevič

Renewable energy systems : simulation with Simulink® and SimPowerSystems™

II 262453

Chin, Wilson C.

Reservoir engineering in modern oilfields : vertical, deviated, horizontal and multilateral well systems

II 262544

Mohaghegh, Shahab D.

Shale analytics : data-driven analytics in unconventional resources

II 262473

Luca, Ioana

Shallow geophysical mass flows down arbitrary topography : model equations in topography-fitted coordinates, numerical simulations and back-calculations of disastrous events

II 262459

Lisiecki, Aleksander Jan

Shaping the properties of surface layers by laser gas nitriding of titanium alloy with HPDDL laser

II 262496


Springer handbook of electrochemical energy / Cornelia Breitkopf, Karen Swider-Lyons (Eds.).

III 253487

Bismor, Dariusz

Stability of a class of least mean square algorithms

II 262597

Chen, Daniel H.

Sustainable water management and technologies. Vol. 1, Sustainable water management

II 262462

Chen, Daniel H.

Sustainable water management and technologies. Vol. 2, Sustainable water technologies

II 262462


Tagungsband Bergbau, Energie und Rohstoffe 2015 : gemeinsame Tagung Energie und Rohstoffe 2015, 7. Bergbaukolloquium, 07.-09. Oktober 2015, Freiberg

II 262549


Tenth International Workshop on Agglutinated Foraminifera, Smolenice Castle, Slovakia, April 19-23, 2017 : abstract volume / edited by J. Soták, M. A. Kaminski, K. Fekete and J. Kowal-Kasprzyk.

III 253478

Liu, C. Richard

Theory of electromagnetic well logging

II 262543

Ong, Joo L. (red.)

Translating biomaterials for bone graft : bench-top to clinical applications

II 262478

Chudnovsky, Bella H.

Transmission, distribution, and renewable energy generation power equipment : aging and life extension techniques / Bella H. Chudnovsky.

III 253488

Dolson, John

Understanding oil and gas shows and seals in the search for hydrocarbons

II 262463

Cempel, Czesław (red.)

Vibrations in physical systems : volume XXVII

II 262458


Wireless-powered communication networks : architectures, protocols, and applications / edited by Dusit Niyato, Ekram Hossain, Dong In Kim, Vijay Bhargava, Lotfollah Shafai.

III 253496