Wystawa nowości zagranicznych 1.06. - 12.06.2017

Wykaz nowych książek zagranicznych prezentowanych w okresie od 1.06. do 12.06.2017

w Oddziale Informacji Naukowej Biblioteki Głównej AGH (I piętro, p. 121).





Basu, Ayanendranath

A user's guide to business analytics

II 262401

Boaro, Marta (red.)

Advances in medium and high temperature solid oxide fuel cell technology

II 262407

Ram, Mangey (red.)

Advances in reliability and system enginering

II 262403

Antoni, Rodolphe

Applied physics of external radiation exposure : dosimetry and radiation protection

II 262393

Mott, Robert L.

Applied strength of materials

III 253445

Kìnaš, Roman Ìvanovič

Arhìtekturnì konstrukcìï virobničih budìvel' : navčal'nyj posìbnik

II 262419

Tomasi, Claudio (red.)

Atmospheric aerosols : life cycles and effects on air quality and climate

II 262422

Stickler, Benjamin A.

Basic concepts in computational physics

II 262412

Sethuraman, Swaminathan (red.)

Biomaterials and nanotechnology for tissue engineering

III 253450

Francis, Raju (red.)

Biomedical applications of polymeric materials and composites

II 262437

Mitra, Sinjini (red.)

Biometrics in a data driven world : trends, technologies and challenges

II 262408

Centanni, John M.

Biotechnology operations : principles and practices

II 262409

Özilgen, Mustafa

Biothermodynamics : principles and applications

II 262414

Jarno, Klaudia

Carbon funds in climate policy

II 262274

Prasad, R.

Classical and quantum thermal physics

II 262433

Raghavan, Vasudevan

Combustion technology : essentials of flames and burners

II 262346

Obayya, Salah

Computational liquid crystal photonics : fundamentals, modelling and applications

II 262434

Liu, Zi-Kui

Computational thermodynamics of materials

III 253431

Sengupta, Raghu Nandan (red.)

Decision sciences : theory and practice

III 253440

Spurgin, Anthony J.

Decision-making in high risk organizations under stress conditions

II 262317

Patil, Mathusudan

Dipmeter surveys in petroleum exploration

III 253460

Li, Kefei

Durability design of concrete structures : phenomena, modeling, and practice

II 262435

Czyrska-Filemonowicz, Aleksandra (red.)

Electron microscopy and electron tomography of materials for energy systems

III 253469

Ganiev, Oleg Rivnerovič

Enhanced oil recovery : resonance macro- and micro-mechanics of petroleum reservoirs

II 262325

Sivasubramanian, V. (red.)

Environmental sustainability using green technologies

II 262320

Keeler, Marian

Fundamentals of integrated design for sustainable building

III 253459

Perkins, Alan (red.)

Gamma cameras for interventional and intraoperative imaging

II 262399

Boden, David R.

Geologic fundamentals of geothermal energy

II 262379

Fletcher, Chris J. N.

Geology for ground engineering projects

III 253437

Tian, Bai

GIS technology applications in environmental and earth sciences

II 262415

Karwa, Rajendra

Heat and mass transfer

II 262402

Kiss, Anton Alexandru

Heat pumps in chemical process industry

III 253438

Depner, Joe S.

Hydrodynamics of time-periodi groundwater flow : diffusion waves in porous media

III 253466

Cai, Wei

Imperfections in crystalline solids

III 253422

Lei, Yaguo

Intelligent fault diagnosis and remaining useful life prediction of rotating machinery

II 262285

Becchi, Carlo Maria

Introduction to the basic concepts of modern physics : special relativity, quantum and statistical physics

II 262268

Giulietti, Antonio (red.)

Laser-driven particle accelerayion towards radiobiology and medicine

II 262404

Basdevant, Jean-Louis

Lectures on quantum mechanics : with problems, exercises and their solutions

II 262410

Burns, Maria G.

Logistics and transportation security : a strategic, tactical, and operational guide to resilience

III 253447

Stanek, Piotr (red.)

Macro-, meso-, and microeconomic dimensions of Europeanisation

II 262282

Rawlinson, Simon C. F. (red.)

Mechanobiology : exploitation for medical benefit

III 253420

Rao, D. V. Subba

Minerals and coal process calculations

III 253433

Dorf, Richard C.

Modern control systems

II 262266

Kane, Gordon L.

Modern elementary particle physics : [explaining and extending the standard model]

III 253421

Gautam, Ravindra Kumar

Nanomaterials for wastewater remediation

II 262257

Ameta, Rakshit

Photocatalysis : principles and applications

II 262413

Hu, Xuetao (red.)

Physics of petroleum reservoirs

II 262397

Dupont, R. Ryan

Pollution prevention : sustainability, industrial ecology, and green engineering

III 253448

Abad, Gonzalo (red.)

Power electronics and electric drives for traction applications

III 253428

Chen, Hong (red.)

Power grid operation in a market environment : economic efficiency and risk mitigation

II 262411

Cui, Zheng

Printed electronics : materials, technologies and applications

II 262436

Dubey, Umeshkumar

Quantitative techniques in business, management and finance : a case-study approach

III 253439

Guo, Xin

Quantitative trading : algorithms, analytics, data, models, optimization

II 262400

Grupen, Claus

Radioactivity and radiation : what they are, what they do, and how to harness them

II 262395

Zhang, Lulu

Rainfall-induced soil slope failure : stability analysis and probabilistic assessment

III 253455

Kiriŝân, Lev Grigorʹevič

Reconfigurable computing systems engineering : virtualization of computing architecture

II 262394

Bradley, Edgar

Reliability engineering : a life cycle approach

III 253446

Kharmanda, Ghias

Reliability in biomechanics

II 262391

Suthersan, Suthan S.

Remediation engineering : design concepts

III 253467

Chen, Jiaping Paul (red.)

Remediation of heavy metals in the environment

III 253454

Chin, Wilson C.

Resistivity modeling : propagation, laterolog and micro-pad analysis

II 262344

Sadi, Hamid N.

Seismic hydrocarbon exploration : 2D and 3D techniques

III 253451

Wang, Yanghua

Seismic inversion : theory and applications

III 253419

Devasahayam, Sheila (red.)

Sustainability in the mineral and energy sectors

III 253456

Goodhew, Steve

Sustainable construction processes : a resource text

II 262417

Dinçer, Ibrahim

Sustainable hydrogen production

III 253457

Hauke, Bernhard (red.)

Sustainable steel buildings : a practical guide for structures and envelopes

III 253417

Wiatr, Kazimierz (red.)

Tenth ACC Cyfronet AGH HPC Users' Conference, Zakopane, 8-10 March 2017 : proceedings

II 262322

Surana, Karan S.

The finite element method for boundary value problems : mathematics and computations

III 253453

Christodoulides, Costas

The special theory of relativity : foundations, theory, verification, applications

II 262381

Dhar, P. L.

Thermal system design and simulation

II 262323

Fanet, Hervé

Ultra low power electronics and adiabatic solutions

II 262398

Attwood, David T.

X-rays and extreme ultraviolet radiation : principles and applications

III 253434