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w Oddziale Informacji Naukowej Biblioteki Głównej AGH (I piętro, p. 121).






42nd International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering : September 19-23, 2016, Reed Messe Wien, Congress Center, Vienna, Austria : final program.

III 253404

Ravindra, Pogaku (red.)

Advances in bioprocess technology

II 262405

Prasad, N. Eswara (red.)

Aerospace materials and material technologies. Vol. 1, Aerospace materials

II 262389

Singh, Ram Sarup (red.)

Biofuels : production and future perspectives

III 253441

Patel, Suresh

Business excellence : exceeding your customers' expectations each time, all the time

II 262315

Chung, Deborah D. L.

Carbon composites : composites with carbon fibers, nanofibers, and nanotubes

II 262310

Gitis, Vitaly

Ceramic membranes : new opportunities and practical applications

II 262418

Rao, D. V. Subba

Coal processing and utilization

III 253411

Berthé, Valérie (red.)

Combinatorics, words and symbolic dynamics

II 262388

Ameratunga, Jayantha

Correlations of soil and rock properties in geotechnical engineering

II 262386

Speight, James G.

Deep shale oil and gas

II 262254

Kalaga, Sriram

Design of electrical transmission lines : structures and foundations. Vol. 1

III 253432

Dindorf, Ryszard

Development of pneumatic control systems

II 262318

Ndjountche, Tertulien

Digital electronics. 2, Sequential and arithmetic logic circuits

II 262390

Ndjountche, Tertulien

Digital electronics. 3, Finite-state machines

II 262390

Vieux, Baxter E.

Distributed hydrologic modeling using GIS

II 262368


Elektronika 2015 : nacionalen forum : dokladi : 14 - 15 maj 2015 g., gr. Sofiâ = Electronica 2015

III 253468

Chau, K. T. (red.)

Energy systems for electric and hybrid vehicles

II 262384

Agarwal, Shikha

Engineering chemistry : fundamental and applications

II 262382

Sangeetha, Jeyabalan (red.)

Environmental biotechnology : biodegradation, bioremediation, and bioconversion of xenobiotics for sustainable development

II 262385

Sánchez, Olga (red.)

Environmental engineering and activated sludge processes : models, methodologies, and applications

II 262328

Lottermoser, Bernd (red.)

Environmental indicators in metal mining

II 262372

Bennett, Mark J.

Financial analytics with R : building a laptop laboratory for data science

III 253429

Fernandez-Nieves, Alberto (red.)

Fluids, colloids, and soft materials : an introduction to soft matter physics

III 253463

Lancaster, Jack L.

Fundamental mathematics and physics of medical imaging

III 253449

Cohen, Marvin L.

Fundamentals of condensed matter physics

III 253423

Hossain, M. Enamul

Fundamentals of drilling engineering : multiple choice questions and workout examples for beginners and engineers

III 253444

Shultis, J. Kenneth

Fundamentals of nuclear science and engineering

II 262070

Asgari, Hamid

Gas turbines modeling, simulation and control : using artificial neural networks

II 262383

Small, John Campbell

Geomechanics in soil, rock, and environmental engineering

III 253436

Rosen, Marc A.

Geothermal energy : sustainable heating and cooling using the ground

III 253418

Sundén, Bengt

Heat transfer in aerospace applications

II 262263

Reddy, T. Agami

Heating and cooling of buildings : principles and practice of energy efficient design

III 253464

Chen, Feng (red.)

Hybrid nanomaterials : design, synthesis, and biomedical applications

II 262345

Jin Lee, Sang (red.)

In situ tissue regeneration : host cell recruitment and biomaterial design

II 262212

Thangadurai, Devarajan (red.)

Industrial biotechnology : sustainable production and bioresource utilization

II 262334

Abramovits, Hayim

Intelligent materials and structures

II 262102

Deen, William Murray

Introduction to chemical engineering fluid mechanics

III 253430

Uher, Ctirad (red.)

Materials aspect of thermoelectricity

III 253412

Basile, Angelo (red.)

Membrane reactor engineering : applications for a greener process industry

II 262068

Shukla, Pratyoosh

Microbial biotechnology : an interdisciplinary approach

II 262396

Sieklucka, Barbara (red.)

Molecular magnetic materials : concepts and applications

II 262438

Grumezescu, Alexandru Mihai (red.)

Nanobiomaterials in dentistry : applications of nanobiomaterials

II 262392

Parameswaranpillai, Jyotishkumar

Nanocomposite materials : synthesis, properties and applications

III 253415

Fermon, Claude (red.)

Nanomagnetism : applications and perspectives

II 262421

McClements, David Julian

Nanoparticle- and microparticle-based delivery systems : encapsulation, protection and release of active compounds

II 262291

Kok, Kenneth D. (red.)

Nuclear engineering handbook

III 253443

Reider, Georg A.

Photonics : an introduction

II 262406

Elliott, Kim S.

Precast concrete structures

III 253442

Liu, Jia-Ming

Principles of photonics

III 253435

Truško, V. L. (red.)

Problemy nedropol'zovaniâ : Meždunarodnyj forum-konkurs molodyh učenyh : 22-24 aprelâ 2015 g. : sbornik naučnyh trudov. Č. 1

III 253408

Tworek, Piotr (red.)

Public risk management. T. 1, Perspective of theory and practice

II 262352

Tworek, Piotr (red.)

Public risk management. T. 2, Wybrane zagadnienia

II 262352

L'Annunziata, Michael F.

Radioactivity : introduction and history, from the quantum to quarks

III 253458

Hundy, G. F.

Refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps

II 262252

Elghazouli, Ahmed Y. (red.)

Seismic design of buildings to Eurocode 8

III 253452

Gu, Qing

Semiconductor nanolasers

III 253427

Dayal, Anurodh Mohan (red.)

Shale gas : exploration and environmental and economic impacts

II 262273

Rogers, John A. (red.)

Silicon nanomembranes : fundamental science and applications

II 262076

Albanna, Mohammad Z.

Skin tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

II 262217

Mishra, Ajay Kumar (red.)

Sol-gel based nanoceramic materials : preparation, properties and applications

II 262387

Al Nageim, Hassan K.

Steel structures : practical design studies

II 262281

Miall, Andrew D.

Stratigraphy : a modern synthesis

III 253465

Pavlenko, Anatolìj Mihajlovič

Technical thermodynamics

II 262316

Wiatr, Kazimierz (red.)

Tenth ACC Cyfronet AGH HPC Users' Conference, Zakopane, 8-10 March 2017 : proceedings

II 262321

Lev, Baruch

The end of accounting and the path forward for investors and managers

II 262306

Stabin, Michael G.

The practice of internal dosimetry in nuclear medicine

II 262188

McDermott, Patrick Neal

Tutorials in radiotherapy physics : advanced topics with problems and solutions

III 253414