AGH University Main Library

OZS - Cartography - history of collection

The cartographic collection of Main Library of AGH University of Science and Technology was gathered from the very beginning of Library’s existence  i.e. from 1921. The basic part of collection is formed by  single  and multi-sheet maps and  atlases. Many geological and topographical maps were taken over from Depots of Secret Maps.

At present Library collects mainly new editions of multi-sheet maps which are published by Head of Office of Geodesy and Cartography, Topographical Survey of Polish Sources, Polish Geological Institute.

The oldest atlas in our collection is „Wielki atlas geograficzny” with index and explanatory text. It was published in 1897 in Warsaw by Wacław Nałkowski and Andrzej Świętochowski.

The oldest map is sheet „Nadwórna” (part of Geological Atlas of Galicya) published in 1888 in Cracow and also „Geologiczna mapa poglądowa Morawsko-Szląsko-Polskiego zagłębia węglowego” compiled by Franciszek Bartolomec in 1894.