Faculty of Management


Faculty library   strona WWW Biblioteki (Polish version)
D14, 10 Gramatyka st.
ground floor, room 15
Sylwia Wołek-Biernat, MA
Małgorzata Szumlak, MA
Elżbieta Zawadzka, MSc (Eng.)
+48 12 617 43 17

Library in the summer season:
2 August to 31 August Library is closed

Extent of collections: Opening hours:   Monday -
books 23 220 vol.     Tuesday -
journals      522 vol.     Wednesday -
total 23 742 units     Thursday -
        Friday -
      Saturday -
  Students from other faculties can use the collections only on the spot.

Subject areas:
economy, economics, finance, marketing, production management, human resources management, law, environment protection, European Union issues.