Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications


Institute of Computer Science Library  
D-17, 1st floor, room 2.28 Monika Trojańska +48 12 328 33 66
Extent of collections: Opening hours:  
books 2 626 vol. There are no fixed opening hours  
journals        8 vol.    
special collections    344 units Collections are not accessible to students.  
total 2 964 units    

Subject areas:
computer science, computing technique, data processing, functional, object-oriented, parallel, and systems programming, computer networks, application software, computers, computer architecture, information preservation.
Special collections:
theses, video cassettes.



Institute of Electronics Library  
C-3, 4th floor, room 418 Sylwia Hajduk, Eng.  
Extent of collections: The library is under reorganization.
books 1 990 vol.  
total 1 990 units      

Subject areas:
electronics: microelectronics, optoelectronics, signal processing, telecommunications, computer science.