AGH University Main Library

Reader registration

Those entitled to borrow books:
- employees, doctoral students, full-time and part-time students, postgraduate students of AGH UST
- retired AGH UST employees
- AGH UST interns
- full-time and part-time students of other public universities of Cracow
- doctoral students of other public universities of Cracow
- full-time students of public vocational schools with which AGH UST has signed a cooperation agreement
- foreign students participating in the Exchange Programme
- employees of research institutions, public universities and local government educational institutions of Cracow
- employees of other research institutions and public universities, if they live permanently or temporarily in Cracow
- libraries of higher and secondary schools, research institutions and workplaces of Cracow
- others, on the basis of an agreement between the employing institution and the Main Library of AGH UST; detailed rules are established by the Library Director
Student's library card of every public university of Cracow is student's electronic ID card as well as doctoral student's electronic ID card - after registration in the Circulation Desk.
Other eligible users receive their library card upon registration.
Students, doctoral students and employees of AGH UST are registered in the Circulation Desk based on a relevant declaration, or remotely, after filling in a relevant form.
Employees of other universities and institutions, as well as students of other universities are welcome to sign up on the spot, during the opening hours of the Circulation Desk.
Enrolment of first year students takes place in October.
Senior students should remember that their account must be renewed for each new academic year in the Circulation Desk after presenting their student ID card valid for the current academic year or after sending an e-mail to: udo[at][dot]pl with their name and album number.
Students from other universities have to renew their account every semester.
According to the Regulations of the Main Library and Library Network of the Stanisław Staszic AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, the right to use reading rooms is granted to users who have a valid library card or employee/student/doctoral student card.
A reader's card, which entitles to use the resources of any reading room of the Main Library of AGH UST, can be obtained in the Main Reading Room, the Circulation Desk or at the Catalogue Information desk after signing a declaration of adhering to the Regulations of the Main Library and giving consent to the electronic recording of transactions made in the computer registration software.
For the full text of the Rules of Procedure, see Regulations on use of the AGH University Main Library and Branch Libraries