Reader registration

Rights to open an account in the Lending Rooms have:

  • employees, doctoral students, extramural students and full time students of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow (AGH University);
  • retired AGH University employees;
  • full time students and extramural students of other state universities or colleges in Cracow;
  • employees of Cracovian research institutes, state colleges and state educational facilities;
  • employees of other research institutes and state colleges and universities, provided they live permanently or temporarily in Cracow;
  • libraries of institutions and establishments of Cracow;
  • other users on the basis of an agreement between the employing institution and the AGH University Main Library.

Electronic Student's Card (ELS) of every public university in Cracow is a AGH University library card - after its registration in the Lending Room. Other users who have rights to use Lending Room are committed to buy library card. Library card costs 5 złoty and it’s available in Library. After purchasing Users should register the card in the proper Lending Room.
Registration may be done in Lending Room upon the suitable declaration, identity card ID and student record book in case of students.

Registration for first-year students takes place in October (by the groups foremen). Other users are registered individually in the Lending Room.

We would like to remind that students from the older years can renew their accounts in Lending Room after showing up student record book with an entry for the current academic year or a valid Electronic Student's Card (ELS).