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FAQ - BaDAP (formerly Bibliographic List of Staff Publications)

What is AGH University Authors and Publications Database (BaDAP)?

AGH University Authors and Publications Database (BaDAP) is a continuation of the Bibliographic List of Staff Publications.n its original form to the Information Science Reading Room.


How and where to register a publication in the Bibliographic List of Staff Publications?

The most convenient way to submit a publication for registration is to send the full text by email to the following address: oin[at][dot]pl. If this is not possible, the publication should be submitted in its original form to the Reference Department Reading Room. Materials are returned after registration.


If the publication is in a language other than English (e.g. Polish, Russian, German, etc.), it should be accompanied by a translation of the publication title into English. This is a necessary condition for the publication to be included in the database.


What are the rules regarding eligibility of publications?

Detailed information on the current rules of eligibility and scoring of publications can be obtained when submitting a publication for registration or by phone (tel. 12 617 32 15).


What kind of materials are registered in BaDAP?

All types of scientific and popular papers (books, book excerpts, monographs, scripts, textbooks, journal articles, post-conference papers, patent descriptions, design descriptions and industrial designs, patent applications, standards, maps, atlases, reports, etc.) published in print or electronic form (on CDs, Flash drives and the Internet).


What should be the correct form of the affiliation in scientific publications of AGH employees?

In accordance with the Decree No. 10/2011 of the Rector of Stanisław Staszic AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, dated 31 May 2011, on the use of unified form of the University name given as affiliation in scientific publications, the correct University affiliation is:

in Polish: AGH Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza or AGH w Krakowie;

in English: AGH University of Science and Technology or AGH University.

The approved name of the University should always appear first, before the name of the unit, which is a part of AGH (e.g. faculty, department).

Why can't I see all my publications in BaDAP?

The database registers mainly papers affiliated with AGH University. Since 2013, with the consent of the Rector's Office, it also includes descriptions of papers with an affiliation other than AGH (the name of another university/institution) next to the author/author's name. List of these publications can be seen in the tab “Other”. Here you will also find descriptions of publications without any affiliation.

Whose publications can be registered in BaDAP?

Scientific and popular science publications of all AGH academics and doctoral students as well as library, administrative, engineering, scientific and technical staff, specialists and retired employees are registered in BaDAP.

Are patents and patent applications registered in the BaDAP?

Patent descriptions, patent applications and design descriptions are registered in the BaDAP.


Where to check the number of the Ministry of Education and Science (MEiN) points for publications registered in BaDAP?

Points for the titles of journals and publishing series and conference materials should be checked on the lists issued by MEiN (formerly MNiSW). These lists can be found on the Main Library website under the tab "Employees" in the menu on the left (third entry) Scientific Publications - Assessment - Lists (of peer-reviewed journals, scientific publications).

Supplementation of bibliographic descriptions with specified point values is based on the rules specified by ordinances of the Minister of Science and Higher Education (currently MEiN). The applicable ones are the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 22 February 2019 on the evaluation of the quality of scientific activity and the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 31 July 2020 amending the Regulation on the evaluation of the quality of scientific activity. 


For any questions regarding the MEiN scores, please contact the Reference Department.