FAQ - Borrowing books (collections)

How can I borrow a book, a journal or other collections?

After finding the document in catalogue you should check its location.

  •     Books with location “BG-Magazyn podstawowy” (call numbers with roman numerals) should be requests on-line, after having logged in.
  •     Books with location “BG-Magazyn W” (call numbers with letter W) should be requested by writing blue-striped order slips (full-time students) or red-striped order slips (other users).
  •     Current journals (published during present year) are available in the Main Reading Room (room 108).
  •     Other journals may be requested by filling green-striped order slips up.
  •     Standards and patents requests should be done in Patents and Standards Reading Room (room 317).
  •     Map requests can be done in Cartographic Reading Room (room 317) and may be collected momentarily.

Where can I collect requested books?

Ordered books can be collected in the Lending Room (room 112) between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Why can't I renew the book I borrowed?

There may be four reasons:

  • One's library account is or soon will be inactive.
  • The borrowed book has been requested by another user.
  • On-line renewals' limit has been reached.
  • The book is already overdue.

In each of these cases one should report to the Lending Room (room 112) fetching the books and one's library card or Electronic Student Card (ELS).

Where can I request checked-out book (how to make a reservation)?

One can make a reservation for a books with location “BG-Magazyn Podstawowy” which have „Due date” status. Such a request can be done by librarian on duty in Catalogue Room (hall, ground floor). You should have your library card and book's call number prepared.

How can I request book from multiple copy book collection?

Books with location “BG-Magazyn W” (call numbers starting with letter W) should be requested on blue-striped (full-time students) or red-striped (all of the other users) order slips.

What does „Non-Circulating” and „Faculty library” status mean?

„Non-Circulating” status means that documents are available only on site in the Reading Rooms. "Faculty library" status means that documents are accessible only in faculty libraries.

Can I borrow in the Main Library books from faculty library?

It’s not possible. Books from faculty libraries may be borrowed from those libraries only.

Can checked out books be returned by my friend instead of me?

For returning books your presence isn't necessary. Books may be returned by anyone and the person doesn't have to have user's library card.

Can someone renew books for me?

You can renew books by yourself up to five times, using on-line catalogue. In case of need for further renewals you or person you have entitled to do so is obliged to submit the request, presenting the borrowed books in the Lending Room.

Is it possible to return books by posting them?

One may return books sending them to:

Biblioteka Główna AGH


al. Mickiewicza 30

30-059 Kraków

How long will I have to wait for requested book or journal?

Orders for books from basic book collection begin being realized on weekdays at 10 a.m., 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. (for full-time students) and every day on the hour for the other users. Requests for books from multiple copy book collection are realized constantly (expectation time may vary from 10 to 30 minutes) for full-time students and at every hour on the hour for all the other users.

I haven't received book I had requested. Why and what should I do now?

Rejected order slips are kept in Catalogue Room (hall, ground floor), where you can obtain information about the reason of not getting your order.

What shall I do if I had lost a book?

You should report this in the Lending Room (room 112) as soon as possible.

What is a fee for overdue books?

The fee for overdue books is 0,2 PLN for each day.

Where can I pay the fee for overdue books (what account can I pay it on)?

The fee can be paid only in cash in the library's cash desk (room 6) after having overdue books returned.

Can I borrow a book which is on exhibition of Polish or foreign books?

You cannot borrow from an exhibition. However, when having active library account, these books may be requested or viewed in the Reference Department (room 206).

May I borrow books if I had finished studies and returned my student’s record book but I still write my thesis?

There is possibility to keep valid one’s library account until the master’s degree exam. Detailed information may be obtain in the Lending Room.

What should I do if the book I need isn’t in the library’s collection or in other Cracovian libraries?

You should report to Interlibrary Loans (room 109).

How to search and order journals?

Journals may be found in on-line catalogue or in card catalogue and can be requested on green-striped order slip. You may ask for assistance a librarian on duty at the Information Desk in the catalogue room.

Are high schools students allowed to borrow books and journals?

High schools students may use the collections on site only.

Can I borrow maps, for example, for one day?

Maps are available on the spot only in the Cartographic Reading Room (room 317, 2nd floor).

Are digital maps available?

Only paper maps are available.

Where in the library can I find maps?

You can find maps in the Cartographic Reading Room (room 317, 2nd floor).

Is it permitted to copy, scan or take a photo of maps?

It is allowed to copy maps, in any way, however copying the entire map is not permitted.