FAQ - Access to standards and patents


Where are standards and patents in the Library?

Standards and patents are located in the Special Collection Department.


Who can use standards?

Standards are accessible to all users.


Can I copy or print standards?

Polish standards can only be copied  by the staff and students of the AGH-University of Science and Technology.


Can I record electronic standards on a USB flash drive?

There is no possibility to copy  standards. Standards collection is accessible on a computer screen only.


Can standards be borrowed?

Standards cannot be borrowed. This collection is accessible free of charge to all users on-site.


Can electronic standards be borrowed outside the reading room?

Electronic standards are accessible only on-site in the Special Collection Department.


Does the Standards Information Point sell standards? If not, where can I buy them?

The Standards Information Point at the AGH Main Library doesn’t sell standards. Polish and foreign standardization products can be purchased from:


• http://www.pkn.pl/zamowienie/
• https://sklep.pkn.pl
• mailto:normyzagraniczne[at]pkn[dot]pl

Information about orders execution status: +48 22 55 67 777


Are patents accessible on-line?

All Polish and foreign patents are accessible on-line (ex. www.uprp.plhttp://worldwide.espacenet.com/)


Does the Bibliographic List of Staff Publications include patents and patent applications?

This database records both patents and patent applications and utility models.


Can I borrow maps?

Maps are accessible only on-site in Special Collection Department.


If maps are accessible in digital version?

Maps are only accessible in print.


Where there are maps in the Library?

Maps can be found in the Special Collection Department.


Can I copy, print or make photos of maps?

Maps can be copied only in fragments.