AGH University Main Library

FAQ - Registration, account validation, general information

How and where can I register with the library and do I have to do it in person?

You may register with the Library in person.  Detailed information is available here

You may also register with the Library online. Just complete the appropriate registration form.  The mandatory fields are marked with red asterisks.
The option is available for students, doctoral students,  postgraduate students, and employees of AGH UST. Remember to provide the correct email address as the message with confirmation of activating the library account will be sent to the e-mail address provided.
Employees of other universities and institutions, as well as students of other universities, are invited to traditional registration on the spot, during the opening hours of the Circulation Desk

I'm not an AGH-UST student or employee – may I register with the library and borrow books?

Entitled to open an account at the Circulation Desk are:

  • employees, doctoral students, extramural students, and full-time students of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow (AGH University)
  • retired AGH University employees
  • full-time students and extramural students of other state universities or colleges in Cracow
  • employees of Cracovian research institutes, state colleges, and state educational facilities
  • employees of other research institutes and state colleges and universities, provided they live permanently or temporarily in Cracow
  • libraries of institutions and establishments of Cracow
  • other users based on an agreement between the employing institution and the AGH University Main Library.

Other readers are permitted to use the library’s collections on the spot. Detailed information is available here.

Where can I validate my student's clearance slip?

To validate the student’s clearance slip (confirming that no books are borrowed and there are no fees on the account) you should report to the Circulation Desk (ground floor, hall).

Where can I buy a library card?

Library cards are sold in the Reference Department Reading Room (1st floor, room 121) and Special Collection Department Reading Room (2nd floor, room 213).

Where can I buy a copy machine card?

You can buy it in the reception on the ground floor.

Where should I lodge my doctoral thesis?

You should report to the Standards, Patents, and Cartographic Collection Reading Room (2nd floor, room 213). More detailed information is available here.

Can I surf the Internet in the library using my laptop?

You can use wi-fi. Detailed information and instructions are available here.

What should I do to use wi-fi in the library?

Detailed information and instructions are available here.