AGH University Main Library

Administrative Section


1st floor, room 114, phone +48 12 617 32 10


The tasks of the Section include in particular:

  •     organizing the proper circulation and storage of documents,
  •     handling administrative and financial accounting matters,
  •     co-operating with the Director in the field of giving opinions, signing and concluding agreements that result in liabilities for the Library,
  •     cooperating with the Director in drawing up analyses and reports on the financial situation of the unit,
  •     keeping records of fixed assets, excluding the book collection,
  •     ensuring the efficient operation of the building, fire protection systems, and building equipment (ventilation, air-conditioning, etc.),
  •     drawing up renovation plans and managing matters related to the implementation of renovations,
  •     carrying out the procurement of office, household, and printed materials,
  •     carrying out necessary housekeeping work, minor repairs and renovations,
  •     ensuring that the Library building and its premises are in good order and appearance,
  •     handling matters relating to the repair of computer and office equipment and facilities.


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Administrative Section

Main Library

1st floor, room 114
A. Mickiewicza Av. 30, 30-059 Kraków, Poland
phone: +48 12 617 32 10