AGH University Main Library

FAQ during the pandemic - Access to e-resources (databases, electronic journals and books)

How to get remote access to e-resources?

Remote access to the e-resources is available to all AGH students, doctoral students and employees who have an active library account for the current academic year.

This page provides information on how to use e-resources and links to databases (alphabetically and by subject).

If your reader account is not active, please send an email requesting activation to udo[at][dot]pl. Please include your library card number, student or doctoral student ID, and your name.

If you have any questions regarding the use of individual e-resources, please send an email to oin[at][dot]pl.

Can I use e-sources from my home computer?
AGH employees, doctoral students and students with an active library account may use electronic sources from their home computers, provided that the license agreement permits it.

Can I copy articles and books from the library's electronic collection?
The resources provided are protected by copyright. Copying (printing and saving to electronic media) is permitted for research or teaching purposes as long as the requirements of licensing agreements and copyright protection are met.

The licenses forbid copying whole books or entire volumes of a given journal, creating local archives, using automatic downloading programs (spiders), and using e-resources for commercial purposes.

Are all electronic sources accessible from home computers?
A list of available e-resources can be found here.