AGH University Main Library

FAQ - Clearance slip and Fees for overdue Books as well as Library Services

Where can I sign my clearance slip?


You can get the signature on your clearance slip at the designated desk in the lobby (Mon-Thurs 8-19:45, Fri 8-18, Sat 8-15), after returning all borrowed books and paying any financial obligations.
Via USOS, after settling any arrears owed to the library and submitting a request to validate the clearance slip in the system.


How to pay for overdue books and library services?

Fees for overdue books and library services (e.g. computer printouts) should be paid in the Cashier's Office in the Library lobby, open Monday to Friday 8-18. Attention: from Monday to Friday from 18 to 19:45 and on Saturdays fees are accepted in the Lending Room in the main hall on the ground floor. Payments by credit card, BLIK or cash are accepted on site.

Payment for overdue books can also be made by bank transfer. Please contact the Circulation Department in advance by email at: udo[at][dot]pl for accurate fee information. Please note: payment for overdue books can be made ONLY after the books have been returned. In the case of books still, on the user's account, the fee is shown as information and the amount increases each day by 0,20 PLN for each book until it is returned.


Transfer to account:

IBAN Bank Pekao SA: PL 96 1240 4722 1111 0000 4858 2922
Bank address: Bank Pekao S.A., ul. Grzybowska 53/57, skrytka pocztowa 1008, 00-950 Warszawa
Title of transfer: AGH Main Library - for books not returned on time - name and surname.


If payment is made by bank transfer please send payment confirmation as soon as possible to: oplaty[at][dot]pl. Once confirmation has been received, the amount owed will be removed from the library account and the user will be informed about that fact.


Books may also be returned by parcel post to the following address: 

AGH Main Library. Circulation Department

al. Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Krakow



In this case, please enclose your personal data (name and surname, number of your Student ID card or your library card). Please secure the books you send against damage.