The Main Library of AGH University of Science and Technology

The rules of using individual work cubicles of the Main Library of AGH UST (Main Reading Room)

General rules:

  1. Individual work cubicles, hereinafter referred to as cubicles, may be used during the opening hours of the Main Reading Room.
  2. The cubicles may be used by:
    • AGH UST employees;
    • AGH UST students;
    • non-AGH UST users - with permission of the Head of the Circulation Department.
  3. Users have access to 4 cubicles:
    • two cubicles for academic staff and doctoral students of AGH UST,
    • two cubicles for AGH UST students and others.
  4. The use of the cubicles is conditioned by the possession of an active library account.
  5. Cubicles are available for the period of:
    • 2 weeks - for employees and doctoral students of AGH UST;
    • 1 day - for students of AGH UST;
    • 1 day - for non-AGH UST users.
  6. The time limit for making the cubicles available may be extended if there are no other users.

Detailed rules:

  1. Cubicle reservations are made with the librarian on duty in the Main Reading Room.
  2. Library materials, personal materials, and computer equipment may be used in the cubicle.
  3. The key to a cubicle is given by a librarian on duty in the Main Reading Room. The user is obliged to leave with the librarian the current document which entitles to use the Library.
  4. The key remains at the user's disposal for the time of use of the cubicle. After the end of the day's work, the key must be returned to the librarian on duty. The key may not be made available to third parties. If the key is lost, the user is obliged to pay for its duplicate in accordance with the "Price List for Services and Fees at the Main Library of AGH UST" available on the website of the Library. The Library reserves the right to enter a cubicle, in justified cases, also in the absence of the user.
  5. Failure to follow the above-mentioned rules, the Main Reading Room regulations, and the instructions of the librarian on duty may result in temporary or permanent loss of the right to use the cubicle.