AGH University Main Library

Regulations for the use of lockers in the Main Library of AGH University

  1. Lockers, located in  AGH University Main Library (hereinafter referred to as the Library), are available for students, doctoral students, and employees of AGH University who have an active library account in the Library and hold an ELS, ELD, ELSNA, or ELP electronic ID card.
  2. Lockers may be used only during the Library's opening hours and days.
  3. Use of lockers is free and requires the use of an electronic ID. Locker users are required to use the lockers by their intended use and the policies outlined below.
  4. Lockers are used to store personal belongings, outer garments, bags, briefcases, backpacks, etc. while using the Library's services. The user of a locker is obliged to lock it properly.
  5. Lockers should not be used to store:
    • valuables (e.g. laptops, photographic equipment, cell phones, jewelry, watches), objects of artistic or scientific value, identity cards, and other documents, money, and payment cards; the user of lockers leaving documents or valuables does so at his/hers own risk and responsibility;
    • objects that can cause damage to third parties or their property, in particular by damaging or soiling them as well as damaging or soiling the locker area;
    • objects with an unpleasant smell,  flammable or explosive objects, weapons, ammunition, dangerous tools, in particular knives, brass knuckles, other dangerous materials, corrosive substances, and things which possession is illegal.
  6. Materials necessary for work and objects of personal use, especially those mentioned in point 5a, can be brought to the reading rooms and the Open Stack Area in baskets available in the locker room or the cloakroom.
  7. In case of any problems with opening a locker or loss of an electronic ID, the user should go to the librarian on duty at the Reference Desk to verify identity and extraordinarily open the locker. In this situation, the user is obliged to sign a protocol confirming the return of his/her belongings (appendix no. 1).
  8. The users are obliged to pick up their belongings on the same day they were deposited. The Library reserves the right to open the lockers and empty the lockers before the closing of the Library; in such case, a report of locker emptying will be made (appendix no. 2).
  9. The following procedure is established for the handling of any items left in lockers:
    • books owned by the Library will be returned and  removed from the user's library account;
    • perishable items, items that may soil or damage lockers, and/or items that pose a threat to the safety of building occupants will be disposed of immediately by a committee;
    • the remaining items will be secured and marked with the date and locker number from which they were removed; the contents of emptied lockers will be transferred to a separate storage area of the Library where the items will be awaiting their owner's pick-up; in case the user does not show up and it is possible to identify the owner of the items left in the locker, the Library calls the user to pick them up;
    • The safe-kept items can be picked up from the Head of the Circulation Department of the AGH Library from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.;
    • the person collecting the items from the deposit is obliged to describe them and sign the receipt;
    • failure to retrieve the items within two months from the date they were secured authorizes the Main Library to have the abandoned items destroyed by the committee.
  10. Locker opening protocols and disposal protocols for items left in lockers are available in the Library's records.
  11. Any damage to lockers or any items found in lockers that have been left behind should be reported immediately to the librarian on duty at the Reference Desk. The locker room is monitored.

  12. Use of lockers is equal to acceptance of these regulations and an obligation to abide by the terms they contain.