AGH University Main Library

Book drop

foto: wrzutnia

Dear Users,

thinking about your needs we are launching a new way of returning books. In front of the entrance of the Main Library there is a book drop (a device for returning books). This device allows a convenient and contact-free way of returning books at any time, including holidays and other days off.

Please note: only books borrowed in the Main Library can be returned this way. Books need to be put into the box carefully, one by one and always with the back inside. The book drop is monitored. Do not insert any items other than library materials please.

The book drop is emptied daily (from Monday to Friday). Books are checked in no later than on the next day (exept Saturdays and Sundays).

After returning, the books are quarantined in accordance with the recommendations of the National Library, therefore for a period of several days (about a week) it will not be possible to borrow them again.


Bookdrop in the Main Library of AGH-UST – Terms of Use