The Circulation Desk is open from August 31, 2020


Dear Users,


From August 31,  Circulation Desk  of the AGH Main Library is open
from 8:00am - 3:00pm (from Monday -Saturday)
ground floor


Opening hours of Circulation Desk during the period from August 31 to October 3, 2020:
from 8:00am - 3:00pm (from Monday -Saturday)
Ordering books electronically has been restored. In order to do it please log into your library account.
Books pickup takes place at the Circulation Desk on the ground floor of the Library.
Books should be returned  through the library book drop located in front of the entrance to the Library building.
During the opening hours of the Circulation Desk, it is possible to confirm the cancellation of the account (the so-called circulation card). In this case books sholud be returned directly at the Circulation Desk.
Books will be quarantined after returning and you will not be able to borrow them for 5 consecutive days.
An account can be created at the  Circulation Desk (Mon – Fri: 8am – 3pm) however we recommend using the remote option of creating your library account.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the Open Stacks Zone. We recommend choosing books in the library catalogue and ordering them by e-mail: udo[at][dot]pl  or by phone: 12 617 34 02. Detailed instructions are given in the FAQ during the epidemic.

From September 8, textbooks from the Open Stacks Zone should be ordered electronically via the computer catalogue (except for fiction books from the AGH Employee Library - in this case, orders are still processed by phone: 12 617 34 02 or by e-mail: udo[at][dot]pl). It will no longer be possible to order textbooks from Open Stacks Zone by e-mail or phone.

Currently there is no possibility to use any of the Reading Rooms and the Library does not have internet access from on-site computers.
AGH-UST students, PhD students and employees who have an active library account for the current academic year may place orders to scan fragments of library materials, e.g. an article from a magazine, a fragment of a book. The scan order should be submitted via the e-mail address: wypmb[at][dot]pl. The scan will be sent to the e-mail address of the reader.
The services of the Reference Department and the Special Collection Department may be used to a limited extent. The employees are at your disposal from 8am to 3pm. We recommend prior email or telephone contact.

Contact by phone  from 8am to 3pm,  e-mail and chat from 8am to 7pm.


Live help BiblioCHAT  BiblioCHAT

Circulation Desk (registration, account renewals, overdue fees:  udo[at][dot]pl, 12 617 32 12

Open Stacks Zone (ordering books from the belles-lettres collection (only for employees): udo[at][dot]pl, 12 617 34 02

Reference Department (Bibliographic List of Staff Publications, e-sources, queries):  oin[at][dot]pl, 12 617 32 15

Special Collection Department (standards, patents, maps, doctoral thesis): ozs[at][dot]pl, 12 617 32 17


Please, be equipped with mask and gloves when coming to the Main Library. Disinfect your hands after entering the building and observe the applicable safety rules.
Detailed information is available here: FAQ