AGH University Main Library

BOOK DROP in the Main Library of AGH-UST – Terms of Use

  1. The Library BOOK DROP is used to return books borrowed  from the Main Library of AGH-UST, especially on days and hours when the Library is closed or for saving time of users, who have no time to return the borrowed books at the Library Circulation desk. The purpose of the Library is to make it easier to return books, thus speeding up the circulation of books between borrowers. 
  2. The book drop is located outside, in front of the entrance to the Main Library and is available 7 days a week during the AGH Campus opening hours, that is 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  3. Only books borrowed from the Main Library including items borrowed from the belles-lettres collection can be returned via the book drop.
  4. The Library book drop should not be used for library items lent for a short time (2 hours) from any of the reading rooms of the Library, they should be returned to the same reading room to the librarian on duty.
  5. Books should be inserted into the marked hole gently, one at a time and always with spine of the book inside.
  6. The registration of a book's return made by the book drop in the library system takes place on the next business day after the return day at the latest. After making a book return using the book drop, the User is obliged to verify the balance of her/his account. Any doubts and complaints should be reported immediately at the Library Circulation  desk or by e-mail to the address: udo[at][dot]pl.
  7. In case of delayed return, the fee will be charged when the return is registered in the library system, not when the book is placed in the book drop.
  8. The library asks the reader for explanation if the book returned shows destruction or dirt, which has not been reported earlier. 
  9. The Library book drop is monitored. It is forbidden to put any other items than books into the box.
  10. Use of the Library book drop is an acceptance of these Terms.