An exhibition of foreign books 4-16.11.2019

The list of new foreign books presented from 4.11.2019 to 16.11.2019

in The Main Library Reference Department (1st floor, room 121).




17th International Multidiciplinary Scientific Geoconference SGEM 2017 : conference proceedings volume 17. Issue 23, Informatics, geoinformatics and remote sensing : Photogrametry and remote sensing, cartography and GIS.

II 265951

Advanced thermoelectric materials / edited by Chong Rae Park.

II 265867

Application of nanotechnology in membranes for water treatment / editors Alberto Figoli, Jan Hoinkis, Sacide Alsoy Altinkaya, Jochen Bundschuh.

III 253845

Applied mechanical design / Ammar Grous.

II 265789

Challenges of sustainable development in Poland / edited by Jakub Kronenberg and Tomasz Bergier ; autors Tomasz Bergier [i 21 pozostałych].

II 265938

Composite nanoadsorbents / edited by George Z. Kyzas, Athanasios C. Mitropoulos.

II 265846

Computational materials system design / editors Dongwon Shin, James Saal.

II 265791

Corrosion and materials in hydrocarbon production : a compendium of operational and engineering aspects / Bijan Kermani, Don Harrop.

II 265742

Cyclostationarity theory and methods - IV : contributions to the 10th Workshop on Cyclostationary Systems and Their Applications, February 2017, Grodek, Poland / editors: Fakher Chaari, Jacek Leskow, Radoslaw Zimroz, Agnieszka Wyłomańska, Anna Dudek.

II 265792

Eco-innovation and eco-efficiency in the frame of life cycle assessment / Magdalena Rybaczewska-Błażejowska.

II 265930

Fatigue analysis tools of aerostructures / Daniel Dębski, Krzysztof Gołoś, Marek Dębski, Jan Kaźmierski.

II 265816

Flow control techniques and applications / JinJun Wang, Lihao Feng.

III 253843

Green chemistry for sustainable biofuel production / edited by Veera Gnaneswar Gude.

II 265796

Handbook of biomechatronics / Jacob Segil.

II 265827

High performance polymers and their nanocomposites / edited by Visakh P. M. and Semkin A. O.

II 265847

Hydrogen storage : based on hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reactions of small molecules / edited by Thomas Zell, Robert Langer.

II 265770

Management of technological processes in energy technologies / under the general editorship of Anatoliy M. Pavlenko.

II 265914

Mass spectrometry : an applied approach / edited by Marek Smoluch, Giuseppe Grasso, Piotr Suder and Jerzy Silberring.

II 265828

Nanomaterials and their applications / edited by Zishan Husain Khan.

II 265790

Numerical methods for solving partial differential equations : a comprehensive introduction for scientists and engineers / George F. Pinder.

III 253842

Severe plastic deformation : methods, processing and properties / Ghader Faraji, Hyoung Seop Kim, Hessam Torabzadeh Kashi.

II 265944

Shaping the structure and properties of surface layers of ductile cast iron by laser alloying / Damian Janicki.

II 265899

Specialized equipment for the mining industry / by Janusz Reś, Krzysztof Kotwica, Piotr Gospodarczyk, Antoni Kalukiewicz, Netai Chandra Dey.

II 265793

Surface and underground excavations : methods, techniques and equipment / Ratan Raj Tatiya.

III 253844

The physics of thin film optical spectra : an introduction / Olaf Stenzel.

II 265788