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Branch Libraries

The library network consists of 17 libraries including 12 faculty libraries, 2 institute libraries and 3 libraries of non-faculty units.

The collections comprise (status on 2022/12/31) :                  

Books 215 691 vol.
Journals     19 078 vol.
Special collections   30 201 units
TOTAL:   264 970 units

The total number of current journals titles: 170 titles.

Branch libraries are open from Monday to Friday, some also on Saturday. According to the regulations they have the right to be closed to their users (especially students) on one day of the week (usually Wednesday) for internal work. The rules for collection circulation are laid down in the faculty regulations and based on the rules of the Main Library and branch libraries collections, approved by the Deans or the Managers of administrative units.

The source of information about the library collections is AGH University - Catalogue of library collections. It contains information about publications which were received by the libraries after 1998 (cooperating libraries are marked with *). The catalogue also includes earlier collections to fit the libraries' potentials or needs. 

Currently, the libraries of the Faculty of Drilling, Oil, and Gas and the Faculty of Humanities are being reorganized.

Branch Libraries - brochure 2022_2023


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  Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Managment Library *)
  Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science Library *)
  Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering Library *) 
  Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications Libraries 
• Institute of Computer Science Library
• Institute of Electronics Library
  Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Library
  Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection Library *)
  Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics Library *)
  Faculty of Foundry Engineering Library *)
  Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals Library *)
  Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas Library *)
  Faculty of Management Library *)
  Faculty of Energy and Fuels Library *)
  Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science Library *)
  Faculty of Applied Mathematics Library *)
  Faculty of Humanities Library *)
  Libraries of non-faculty units:
•   Department of Foreign Languages Library
•   AGH Museum Library
Centre of e-Learning and Innovative Education Library