Branch Libraries and Inventory Control Division

2nd floor, rooms 207, 208, phone +48 12 617 32 16


The activities of the Division include:

  • Substantial care of the functioning of the branch libraries making up a uniform library information system, including tracking any changes in legal regulations regarding these libraries, training, the organisation of meetings, and periodic inspections.
  • Participation in creative work connected with the accomplishment of the branch library model in the scope of merging collections, the organisation and coordination of library processes based on VTLS/VIRTUA system.
  • Formal verification of documentation regarding the selection and inventorying of the branch libraries collections.
  • Cooperation with all departments or divisions of the Main Library within the scope of activities for branch libraries, the regular update of  information on the collections and activities of the branch libraries.
  • Ongoing financial and quantitative inventorying of the Main Library collections, including the clarification of all inconsistencies in the register as compared to the real state of collections, preparing the drafts of annual plans and reports from  the inspection of the Main Library collections.
  • Verification of documents regarding the selection of the Main Library collections.





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Branch Libraries and Inventory Control Division

Main Library

2nd floor, rooms 207, 208
30 A. Mickiewicza Av, 30-059 Kraków
phone: +48 12 6173216, fax +48 12 6341404

e-mail: zofia.pawlowska[at][dot]pl


The library network consists of 21 libraries including 15 faculty libraries, 3 department libraries and 3 libraries of non-faculty units.

The collections comprise (status on 2019/12/31) :                  

Books 273 816 vol.
Journals     23 272 vol.
Special collections   49 351 units
TOTAL:   346 439 units

The total number of current journals titles: 160 titles.

Branch libraries are open from Monday to Friday, and some also on Saturday, but according to the regulations, they have the right not to attend to readers (especially students) on one day of the week (this is usually Wednesday), reserved for internal work. The rules for collection circulation are laid down in the faculty regulations, based on the rules of using the Main Library and branch libraries collections, approved by the Deans or the Managers of administrative units.

The source of information about the library collections is AGH online public access catalogue. It contains information about publications which were received by the libraries after 1998 (the libraries, which co-operate creating a combined catalogue are marked with *). The catalogue also includes earlier collections, depending on the library potential or needs. 

Branch Libraries have changed their opening hours and rules of using , ecause of the pandemic.
For further information please contact the librarians by mail or phone.


For more information click on the library name.

•   Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering Library *)
•   Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science Libraries *)
•Faculty Library
•Departament of Phisical & Powder Metallurgy Library
•   Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering Libraries 
•   Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications Libraries
•Faculty library
•Department of Electronics Library
•   Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Library
•   Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection Library *)
•   Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering Library *)
•   Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics Library *)
•   Faculty of Foundry Engineering Libraries *)
•   Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals Library *)
•   Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas Library *)
•   Faculty of Management Library *)
•   Faculty of Energy and Fuels Library *)
•   Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science Library *)
•   Faculty of Applied Mathematics Library *)
•   Faculty of Humanities Library *)
•   Libraries of non-faculty units:
•   Department of Foreign Languages Library
•   AGH Museum Library
•   Distance Education Study Centre Library



Manager Zofia Pawłowska, MA Poczta BG 12 617 32 16
  Monika Dylowicz, MA Poczta BG 12 617 32 16

Karolina Forma, MA

Poczta BG

12 617 32 16


Renata Piasecka

Poczta BG

12 617 32 16